Back to AT&T

I have my new SIM cards to switch everybody to AT&T, and just waiting on my Microsoft Surface Duo 2 to arrive to start swapping SIMS.

Hopefully all four phones involved will port from Xfinity Mobile without a hitch. Or a fixable hitch if there is one or two or three or four.

We tried Google Fi and then Xfinity Mobile. Neither were good enough. AT&T is all that remains, the best we’ve ever used. Used to use Sprint years ago, and switched happily to AT&T. Prices are better with 5 phones, so me and my kids are all on one plan. Google Fi was cheaper, Xfinity Mobile even cheaper. Both had problems.

Just waiting to get my new device to get the ball rolling on activating AT&T for all the phones finally! Nice to be back there.

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