Ninja Creami for my Birthday Yesterday

I’ve had my eye on this for few months. Very excited to open it yesterday morning as my main birthday present.

RE-SPIN my less than a pint lemon ice cream I had previously made.

I first made a milkshake with some Ben & Jerry’s Vanilla ice cream. It was wonderful, of course. I haven’t had a blender in years. Recent years I have only had made a milkshake in my food processor, too messy and not as easy nor as good, so have been without one at home for a long time.

I filled one of the pint containers, the Ninja Creami comes with 3, with my lemon ice cream base (I hadn’t ice cream processed this part yet, previously just a small batch it which is RE-SPIN mode in the pic above.)

So that full pint was in the freezer since late yesterday morning. This morning I ran it on ICE CREAM mode, then RE-SPIN mode, then ICE CREAM and two more RE-SPIN modes.

My ice cream is made with Allulose (rare sugar) and was probably colder in my LG bottom freezer drawer than they recommend, so it took, with both of those reasons, a lot more to really creamy that base ice cream.

It looked wonderful at the end of all that.

I’ll next be trying my dessert from last night, lemon cheesecake mousse, to see what spins up with that. It’s in the freezer right now, I’ll run it tonight. I think 12 hours is more than sufficient, our drawer freezer is the only one I can use. [Our large free standing freezer is in the garage and isn’t working so well, certain things, like ice cream, ice cubes, etc. will not freeze out there anymore. It’s on it’s last legs to freeze anything, a dangerous game to play with all that food.]

This way of making ice cream is great. I’ve used a Cuisinart Ice Cream maker, the frozen bowl that spins … I hated it really, messy, couldn’t make more than one batch and then have to freeze the bowl again to use it again.

This Ninja Creami doesn’t freeze, it only processes your frozen items. The more pint containers you have, the better.

making lemon ice cream creamier

I don’t have one available or I’d be making chocolate ice cream to run later.

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