Allergy to Living

Is it my fault that I’m allergic to seasonal things and that after many years of life it’s worse and worse and worse? Yes, I am really affected by late summer/autumn blooming, sporing etc.

My eyes are the windows to my sinuses. Both are severely affected this year. Really bad. Red, red, red. Itchy. Burny, misery. Stuffy, puffy, misery. Drippy, drip, drip drip, down my throat. Occasional drip from my nose (I tend toward congestion) liquid that is not crying dripping from my eyes. Sticky itchy bitchy.

I can’t take Benadryl during the day. I do at night. There is nothing else I can take. My Claritin Problem is not going to happen again. Ever. I must suffer allergies until they lift. I always have mild to moderate allergies, daily, nothing can help me but death.

Even when I don’t have my eyes affected like this, if I take a shower, burning red eyes that heal in a few hours, but I look like a zombie for quite awhile. I hate city water.

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