Here are some PSE templates for printing photos that I have made (.psd files – layers included)

I started using these mostly with photos from my HTC Evo devices using Retro Photo. That seems long ago now (Dec, 2018) The Retro Photo’s are shot in square sizes and look great as 1 on a 4×6 piece of paper, but really great as smaller squares, and a 4×6 piece of paper can hold 2 square photos easily. I don’t like how photos print without these invisible frames, the borders aren’t even, it’s nuts, but these “frames” are magic, perfect once you get the picture how you want it.

Just click inside to load the file interface to look for the photo you want in each frame. Easy slide to zoom in or out (how much of the photo showing in the frame). You can use these frames as is, or change them any way you want. This is something you can make in PSE but it’s kind of convoluted, so I’m putting these files here for your ease of use.

I take photos with my modern cell phone camera (Note8) for these frames. I just deal with some of what I take is cropped out, it’s a zoomed in square that prints. Great for December Daily, small photo books, artsy.

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Photo Template: (2) 2.5 sq on 4×6.psd

Photo Template: (2) 2.75 sq on 4×6.psd

Photo Template: (2) Postage Fill Frame on 4×6.psd

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