My VC1 project got derailed. (Have to re-do all 3 seasons of Star Trek) …later.
H.265 – I’m playing with a rip of Total Recall (1990) from Bluray. I have Avidemux encoding it as H.265 mkv. I have had the movie for awhile but hadn’t watched it until I started to on my Tablet (Samsung Galaxy S3 Tab) last night. I didn’t like how it looked.
Honestly I think the first half, at least is pretty dorky simple looking for a 1990 sci-fi flick.

I haven’t watched the whole movie this time yet, checking to see if one of the encodes looks better on my tablet. It’s gratuitously rated R. Really an 80’s movie, it came out June 1990.

Ladyhawke BD Archive Collection

There is hope for this problem [my Oct. 8, 2014 post: Ladyhawke (1985)] Earlier this week (5/5/2015) Warner Brothers released Ladyhawke on Blu-ray as part of their Archive Collection. In the US we could only ever buy this movie on DVD or as SD digitally. Now we can actually get a Blu-ray disc of Ladyhawke without…

Best Buy sent me the wrong Blu-ray

I pre-ordered The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug 3D Blu-ray Combo (3 discs + UV) but they sent me the non-3D version. I was excited as the package started tracking on April 4, but it didn’t move until Monday, and it upped the excitement on Tuesday with “Out For Delivery” status. Finally UPS showed up.…

InstantCake + DirecTivo R10

We have two R10 units (DirecTivo) and have used them fairly hard. We got them right before DirecTV had stopped selling them in stores and put out their own dvr. We have one in the bedroom and I had Baby Q in bed with us and turned on a Blue’s Clues that was recorded. It…