I’m running out of space on my harddrive(s) fast since getting The Office complete series on it from Bluray. I’m still in process. My VC1 project from the end of September ’20 became very important to complete. Original Star Trek on Blu-ray, all VC1 ugh. I had converted via Emby in Oct. ’20, but didn’t do anything more than that.

Needing as much space as possible, I began the process yesterday, using MKVToolnix gui to open orig. file, bring in the custom and copy what I wanted to, new H.264 vid, not the old vc1 … but I decided with the first season having TWENTY-NINE Episodes I needed to do it a tad different.

MKVcleaver, open a ton of the custom files and let it strip the video portion into the folder all alone.

Then I take the orig. file, bring that stripped video in and … remux. Of course it’s more than that, I change the output tab title and file names … but this is all better since I don’t have to click, click, click, click …. on and on to get rid of stuff I don’t want from the custom file.

Batching with MKV Cleaver and then the slower process one on one with changing the way the file is … makes it better, bigger file, but overall way less than having the orig. and custom files both there.

The new files will reduce the overall overhead for the series. Painful, but useful because I watch this show often enough and really like it. Yeah, Star Trek.

Now, The Office, I’m wanting all the extras too, I may have to cave and do them some other time for the seasons 5-9 – I really like this show too. I watched it on Netflix last year for the first time and was looking to find a way to get it in my library and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a pre-order page for the complete blu-ray set suddenly! Hurray!

So after another day of running this VC1 project … hopefully I can get S6, S7, S8, S9 of The Office done.

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