My VC1 project got derailed. Somehow all my Star Trek Blu-ray episodes in Emby had subs burnt-in which wasn’t the case when I did start that custom conversion … I’m sure I had that turned off, I didn’t check the file dates to see if Emby re-did them or something …. anyway, I decided to re-run the original files ripped, but do it via Handbrake this time, cropping the black sides off, and re-encoding to H.265 now.

I only had the 1st season still in ripped form, for whatever reason. So I had to redo S2 and still have to redo S3. Some other day.


I’m playing with a rip of Total Recall (1990) from Bluray. I have Avidemux encoding it as H.265 mkv.

I also have a different handbrake encode going, which will take a long time.

I have had the movie for awhile but hadn’t watched it until I started to on my Tablet (Samsung Galaxy S3 Tab) last night. I didn’t like how it looked.

Total Recall (1990)

Honestly I think the first half, at least is pretty dorky simple looking for a 1990 sci-fi flick.

I remember seeing it back when it was in $1 theaters. It wasn’t ever a favorite movie of mine, but it’s sci-fi so acceptable and good.

I haven’t watched the whole movie this time yet, checking to see if one of the encodes looks better on my tablet. It’s gratuitously rated R. Really an 80’s movie, it came out June 1990.

On my tablet it looked crisper than on my PC monitor (a 49″ 4K Sony TV) in a small window. It was just the original bluray rip and had that video camera look to it, like a semi-soap opera effect. I haven’t had that with any other file on my tablet. FWIW

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