The Christmas Spirit and Me

I have to get some things done today. Get things going to get another stage of Christmas Card creation on it’s way. (I have a basic form and the front done, but the decor is not done 100% and I don’t know what I’m doing yet with the other parts.)

Dec Daily Day 6

Figure out how to get the children to get things picked up, do their educational work even though they don’t want to, make room for the Christmas tree, get a Christmas tree, find decorations. Add to Christmas paper chain. Show 15-yr-old how to put lights on a Christmas tree (so I don’t have to do it anymore!) –I took over Christmas tree decoration in my teens, I never let anyone else do it until sometime in the last 10 years when I grew weary of it (half of that is because of living where there was no motivation for doing it except for me and having no support from hubby or the Christian scene –hard to explain here, so suffice it to say, I make it, or it doesn’t happen and after blah, blah, blah years of that, sigh, oh well.)

I then need to get everyone cleaned up in nice winter clothing and take a picture, get that printed so I can send it with cards. (doesn’t feel like it’ll happen this year though!)

I’m married to Half-Scrooge. He’s not rich, he has a bah humbug idea of Christmas, it’s totally stressful and he’s not creative with gift giving, if he can buy it, he will, but grumble about it at some point. He would do well to be a super duper billionaire, but seeing as he’s not … it’s trouble for him. He’s so plain, who cares about a Christmas tree, or lights on the house, or flowers on the table, or nice dishes for holidays (where is my China? Don’t have any. I can’t get any. I’d prefer to get a mish-mash of stuff collected but that’s another of my things that isn’t his thing. I LOVE going to Antique sorts of stores, even Good Will. His idea of that sort of thing goes with books only. He’ll buy new or used, books, but not clothing or other things usually.

Readers, this is not “dump on hubby” stuff. It’s just about “The Christmas Spirit” and how hard it is to maintain the power to do things with such grummpy-dom nearby.

It’s these times that I reflect on bad choices.

The Positive Method

The Underground History of American Education by John Taylor Gatto, from Chapter 8 on “The Positive Method”.

… To understand all this you have to be willing to see there is no known way to stop the social mutilation positive science leaves in its wake. Society must forcibly be adapted to accept its own continuing disintegration as a natural and inevitable thing, and taught to recognize its own resistance as a form of pathology to be expunged. Once an economic system becomes dependent on positive science, it can’t allow any form of education to take root which might interrupt the constant accumulation of observations which produce the next scientific advance.

In simple terms, what ordinary people call religious truth, liberty, free will, family values, the idea that life is not centrally about consumption or good physical health or getting rich—all these have to be strangled in the cause of progress. What inures the positivistic soul to the agony it inflicts on others is its righteous certainty that these bad times will pass. Evolution will breed out of existence unfortunates who can’t tolerate this discipline.

This is the sacred narrative of modernity, its substitute for the message of the Nazarene. History will end in Chautauqua. School is a means to this end.

This passage is key to how I see “society” and am odds with it, in my beliefs of education, family life, God, Agrarianism, etc. It’s troublesome to have to actually see someone else write what I know deep inside already, that it’s ineveitable, that my views are underdog and won’t surface in my lifetime as majority view of population (though I hold HOPE out that they can be, will be) I cannot accept the forced down my throat junk from “them” that it’s all downhill for me and upward for “progress” … inevitability is there, sure, but I don’t accept it, I don’t and won’t.

I’ve had talks with people about Isaiah’s prophetic passages and Agrarianism and the future and they can’t see what I’m talking about, can’t see past “progress” –and this Gatto passage is great fuel for me, therefore, in understanding the side of people which I have impossibly tried to pass on a vision of Agrarian lovelyness to, NOT a utopia, just a better way to live, just a village living, de-centralized government, farming celebrated, natural things in use, “progress” and “science” put in their proper places, “efficiency” only a tool to be used at the right time –not the “end all” of everything, and so on. A true progress in man, man truly gaining perspective of this Earth we live on Under God’s watchful eyes, it sounds utopian, but ain’t … it’s the far outlook of man connecting in graciousness to the Earth and each other under God, and seeing what is valuable to the soul and mind and body, not perverting anything to gain power over others. A pipe dream many would call it. That’s not my way of seeing it though, I see things going on at some point, getting past this roadblock life we currently have. In my lifetime, nah, in some future generation, sure.

So we strive to do what we can in this age … rhetoric is key. I’m working on ideas for writing more about this and connecting things, in a book, maybe. Not just what this blog post is about … but all of life and how different learning and education and intellect are from schooling … and how society is structured and how it all relates to us with an Old-Time Patriot outlook, home educating our children, worshipping God, living differently from most others, and so on.

This is something to understand as well: people like me don’t abhor technology, just Technology, we don’t abhor progress, just Progress, we don’t abhor science, just Science. Capiche?

We have computers and television in our home. We watch movies and listen to all sorts of music digitally. Some people think this is wrong if we say we are “agrarians” … this is a prejudicial view and what must be dismantled through some critical work of complexity, that which I am attempting to put together. I’ve had these ideas for years and am gathering, gathering, gathering, and getting ready to start actually acting on it instead of just “thinking” about it and “talking” about and “writing blog and message board posts” about it. I mean, by “acting on it” to begin writing things for a “book” to put together and publish somehow. Our voices are important in history. We should shout out the truth.

Positivism? — I like the highs and lows, pain and suffering — it’s what makes feeling good and things going well actually MEAN SOMETHING for the human. Positivism is embued through so much, and I can see how it frustrated my family and made a mess of them (the one I was born into) and why I’ve rebelled against it so heavily. 🙂

I don’t write this sort of stuff on this blog much. I think about it nearly all the time though. I used to have a site I planned to write about Agrarian stuff on, but ditched the idea when I just never got myself to dissect my family self from the actual information in my head. Of course I can’t dissect it away. I do have another website that is dormant basically right now, where I had planned to be moreso my ‘family self’ but find that though I wish to dissect my self from my family self and such, I just can’t. And so it goes.

Big News

Last Wednesday (October 11, 2006) I was contemplating some things and thinking very deeply about them. I have been reticent to write about it here, but after reflecting on it for a bit more than a week, I am thinking it more wise to say it here than not, and to elicit any prayers from y’all that pray to the True God, Almighty God who reveals Himself in the Bible and through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Over 2 and a half years ago I became pregnant for the fourth time. We were very glad that our fourth child was on the way. Some weeks later I had a spot of blood and within a week I lost the baby at about 9 weeks along. It was a horrid time for me. I have healed (the pain of the loss) since then, but still am very sensitive at times.

So with that as background, I’ll get into my contemplation from last week.

I was oh so tired and lying about for a couple of days more than not, and began to think that morning on when I was supposed to expect my next cycle beginning. I hadn’t written it down (I’ve had a bad organizational thing about that for the last year plus, just knowing instinctively when and using hindsight to keep tabs on it) so it took some thinking time to sort the puzzle out.

I have to be forthcoming about this, my hubby and I haven’t done much of nothing for the last few months, I have some dental work to be done and didn’t feel like … well, you know.

So I’ll get back to my contemplation: I recalled finally, for sure, my last cycle began on September 11th. That was a long time before that contemplation day. I realized that I was so very tired, moreso than just ‘running ragged’ like I do sometimes.

Now for a bit more late September info. I usually don’t talk out about sexual things, but I have to here. Hubby and I got more understanding down when I was looking into some info to aide ‘typing’ his personality via Socionics and discovered out of three that I’d singled out that one was my “Dual” and when I looked deeper at “Duality in Socionics” it was blazingly obvious that my husband and I have a Dual relationship according to Socionics, and that cleared up some stuff for us that was blocking some closeness. I printed out some data to read to him on September 25, a Monday. I wasn’t able to read it until the next day, and it was like a refreshing breath of air to us, and then I found a bit more to read to him and on Wednesday afternoon we … well, I won’t say :blush: but meanwhile I thought “this is close to fertile time, but it’s far enough away, isn’t it?” while feeling totally that I would get pregnant for sure, and continuing on anyhow, caring yet not. That was September 27th, the first time in three months.

So it was October 11th and my cycle never came at the semi-normal 26-to-28 days, and I was feeling “thick” inside, which is what pregnancies 2, 3, and 4 felt like in the beginning, and I was so bone tired, and peeing more and more each day, way more than normal for me.

So after tossing this info about for awhile I considered, “oh boy, this is it” and tossed about the idea of going upstairs to the master bath and rooting around to see if I had a test in the cabinet. I passed the info on to my husband, who was working (he works at home.) Actually a few times before I came to almost conclusions I asked him about dates and things that had happened to pin down the last cycle date, and during that time he got annoyed at me for peppering him with questions, that he was working on something that he needed to concentrate on. So I got really Fe (Feeling externalized, Socionics) and let him know quite passionately that I had something bigger going on and I needed to figure it out NOW and he had some keys to the final answer that I needed.

So when I finally told him I was going up I know he heard me and knew what I was going to do, but in the end he was dufus about it. I went up and found a Clear Blue Easy box that I had gotten for the time before. It had originally come with 3 tests. I had used one. So there were two test left. They were sealed up correctly still, and had lived in our bathroom deep in a cabinet for over 2 1/2 years. The date on them was late 2005, but I still used it. I take “expiration dates” as “suggestions” not as “law” 🙂

So I did the test, capped it and let it sit on the counter and do it’s stuff. It was working, the first line — started to appear and a few seconds later as I looked at it I thought I saw a | line starting, like a ghosted image really. I blinked, cleared my eyes a few times, blinked hard again and sure enough, within a few seconds there was a | line. It was faint, but growing in intensity. The — line was dark by then. The test was still working, the “control” little line hadn’t been reached yet, and before it did show up, the control line, the previous test area had a definite + sign, with the — being lighter and the | being darker.

To sum it up then, the test showed + definitely way before the control window worked.

So yes, I am pregnant. This being my 5th pregnancy, we have three children already, lost one in the first trimester a couple of years ago. I am 5 weeks along right now, it’s still early. I am excited, yet a bit reticent due to the last pregnancy not working out. I’m praying to God to keep me and the baby healthy and keep the baby growing and healthy and that the baby will be born in June or July of 2007 safely and be our fourth live child.

I’m a lot older than when I had my first three children. I was 29 when R. was born. I was 32 when V. was born. I was 34 when A. was born. I turned 40 in July of this year. No one in my family has had children when they were as old as I was, mostly. Definitely not this age I am now.

My mother did have children in her 30’s, but my sisters had theirs in their 20’s. My mom was 38 when I was born. FWIW

So much has changed since our last baby to be in the house. Hubby put all my stuff in the garage since then, and it’s all messed up from mice now. Actually we tossed out some of it in the last month, without knowing I was pregnant yet. I was misty eyed over and over again as we pulled things out.

Also, in the last few months I let my Hubby take my maternity dresses that were packing one corner of my closet. I loved them and wanted them “just in case” but let them go since it didn’t seem I would need them, with the last one not working out and getting older and just not “getting pregnant” much in the 14+ years of marriage without birth control, totally opened to every possible pregnancy.

I remember that I half-joked that now that we were getting rid of them I’d probably be needing them.

I had bought a new dress via eBay back when I was pregnant before, and I never wore it since I lost that baby at 9 weeks along. I wanted to wear it, it was so perfect for me, classic in style and I could never find a regular dress like that, and to be large in pregnancy in that dress was a dream for me, but it’s not here now. I know it’s just a few miles up the road if it’s still in the thrift store we gave it to. But I’ll not look until I go further into this current pregnancy. [edit-addition date=Sunday, Oct. 22, 2006 8:20 am]: I was talking about the previous fact, that is now striken out, yesterday to my hubby in the mini-van on the way to IKEA in Atlanta, and eldest son piped up that he knows that the dress(es) are in his closet. Hubby had first said he thought that my old favorite dark blue with white tiny polka dots was in there, and a couple of others, but not my newer non-worn wonderful white dress. Eldest said for sure the blue dress is there, and he thought that the white dress was. I truly was wowed by that, I thought DH brought them away months before. So when we finally returned home, I went potty, then raced into the boys room to check out their closet, and sure enough, ALL my maternity dresses are there. 🙂 That’s a smile, since I might surely be needing them, and I hope I will be needing them soon, and I feel like I will, as things are right now.[/edit-addition]

I’m really hoping and hoping more and more that this baby will continue along fine.

If any of y’all can pray for me that I’ll be alright, heathy enough, stay pregnant, the baby stay healthy and grow properly, and that come about June 20th all will be well and delivery be safe and satisfying, I’d be greatful. Please leave comments about it here if you can.

Thank you God for your blessings, and for the children you have given us and will give us, to be a stewardship over.

Church Stuff

I haven’t said a word about this online at all … but here goes what little I can get out.

At our church that we are members of, something happened a couple of years ago which really bothered me at first, and then as time went on the situation got worse, and it became what I view as a doctrinal difference that makes me unable to take Communion there.

I won’t be more clear than that, in this post, as I don’t feel free enough to write about it yet.

In any case, I have continued to go to church there all along, but not as frequently in the past year as before. Things have bothered me physically, for one, and that is in particular “allergies” which were really bad all Winter long, oddly, and it wasn’t just me … others in different areas of The South had similar things. For me, I had long before learned that “to go to church on Sunday” meant a cold beginning on Wednesday for sure almost, from Dec. to Feb., unless you were able to avoid contact with people physically, and the children did so too. Ha.

So with allergies, that means a lower immunity and yes, we stayed home a lot and just have been better off due to such non-activity. Winter flowed right into Spring, allergies just ramped up. They are still out there, bothering me more sometimes than others. I commented to my DH last year early on that I wasn’t happy about going to church for more than one reason, one big one being “I have to take drugs if I go”. I have to take preventative allergy/sinus meds or suffer more and take them afterwards. Their building has made me sick very often, and it’s gotten worse as time has gone on.

I have high sensitivities to mold and chemicals. Cleaning supplies, carpets, synthetic things … ick. The church was built new in 1997. It wasn’t great when it was new, due to being “NEW”, which is no fun for a sensitive person. Later it got even worse, and they found out that there were some a/c filters in an attic that had NEVER been changed, like two years of use. Once that was discovered and fixed, things did improve, but never enough to make me feel alright.

So add trouble to any of that, and it’s so much easier to just avoid it all.

It’s also a fact that I am who I am, my personality. I’ve seen things exploding in people size groups … it used to be a small cozy church, growing, but not exploding. Now it’s just too noisy, almost everyone is unfamiliar to me, core people have left, other core people are still there, but the masses in the morning crowd and swell and those folks are hard to see. Night time services on Sunday are much better. Less people, mostly those I know, and it’s just so much quieter. Morning has music with corporate singing. That music used to be, longer ago, a piano and a violin, sometimes a flute, that sort of thing. It’s way more than that now. We used to sit at the front, and it was bad enough there. With not being there for several weeks, we all went a week ago for the morning service and sat a few rows in front of the music players. I had sensory overload. I mean, a rock concert isn’t as horrid as that was.

I must state many of the things that bother me, the little things, are about church size, growth ideas, and style of preaching. It’s more “intellectual” there, and that was great the first few years. But we’ve missed an applicational style of preaching to the personal heart. I wanted to find another place to worship since before the “problem” that I can’t really write about occured. So it’s not a new thing for me, but only something that my DH was aware of. He disagreed, and so we stayed, and have encountered more and more and more, so much that finally this year he agrees that it’s not good to stay, not that we will surely leave, but we have found another place to go to, and will visit other places still. The place we have found is a wonderful congregation, small, meeting in the pastors house for now. They are part of the Free Church of Scot. con’t. and we love the preaching style, the people there are genuine and love God with all their heart, soul, and mind. The preaching is definitely to the heart. It’s the way of that denomination. Music is “exclusive Psalmody” so done without instruments, voices only. The Psalter they use is quite different from the Trinity Psalter that “our member church” uses. I don’t like that one, but love the Free Church’s … I hadn’t been in an “exclusive psalmist” service before, so couldn’t really agree or disagree with it, though before I tended to probably think I disagreed with it. We’ve been to four Sundays of going to Free Church, and that means, in our case, two times morning and afternoon, and two times afternoon only, and one time morning only — I think that is right. If so, that means four songs for each service, so up to 20+ Psalter songs … and each one is quite lovely, the actual words are so real, whereas Trinity’s seem watery (I’ve compared those to scripture time and again and came away disgusted …)

I’m a musical person, so go figure that I really love the very plain way of worship. I saw it in “our member church” in some way, when we first went to it, in the first couple of years. But it has changed. No way is it ‘modern’ like so many churches are going, it’s still quite conservative comparatively. Comparison to Free Church though is night and day. It’s loud and rushed at “our member church” in the mornings. At night it’s a cappella and songs are picked from the congregation, taking turns picking from each side of the aisle for several choices. It’s much nicer, therefore, at night.

I have noticed that at Free Church my children are paying more attention to the sermon. I can say absolutely it means much more to me that this is true, it means much to me, the sermons do, and they are also speaking to my children. My DD 7 asked me some things yesterday, things about God, which prompted me to tell her the story from Garden of Eden to Jesus’ Ascension. She listened intently to every word and had many interesting comments. I’m seeing the Lord work deeply in her heart moreso lately, like the past year in evidence, but the last month, wow!

My boys are 10 and 5, and they are listening too, still not quite as opened to some issues, but inroads are obvious.

Finding another church, thus far, has been a boon for us in ways so hard to describe, just let me say, such blessings.

The people there are the main ones (almost the only ones) who aided us in our home repairs during the time we needed help the other week. We knew some of them from our church before, but they had left to go to Free Church a couple of years ago. The others we had only met once, and they so graciously aided us and worked long, hard hours of labour with DH. What a blessing they were to us.

The fellowship there is great. The Sundays are arranged such as the morning service begins at 11am, then everyone has lunch together, “potluck”, and then at about 2pm the afternoon service, then afterwards dessert and more fellowship. Then onward homebound we all are. In the case of a full day of Free Church, we get home between 5pm and 6:30pm depending on how much talking we and the others do.

THAT is a Sabbath I have longed for, so long I’ve longed for it.

“Our member church” is 10:30am and 6:00pm … once a month “dinner” after the morning service, but that has been something that for us isn’t worth it for a long time, and so we have avoided it mostly. I would like it, but no matter what we bring, others bring such things that there is little to no choice beyond salad or something else maybe nicer, but mostly not much. I used to make 3lbs. of beef meatballs, they were so good and you know, if we got three of those meatballs between our whole family it was a miracle. Didn’t matter where in the line we were. Well, that’s only a little thing, there are things about it that are hard to say, but this I will say, in finding a seat, often we’d sit down with our stuff and others still hadn’t sat down mostly, some tables were full, most empty, so we’d picked a table that was empty, and most every time no one would sit with us. We sat down in order to allow others to sit with us, left room for them. We didn’t sit with anyone since there weren’t open spaces for our family as such. It never went well. Atimes we’d find someone to talk to, but usually not. It was just a mess, and I’d always go home hungry. At home it’s frustrating on any Sunday when going to “our member church” due to having to make a meal, and then rush back to night service.

It’s so much nicer to just get something ready on Saturday to take to church. Go to church in the AM with your stuff, and eat lunch between services and have as much fellowship as any Christian could want for after each service. I don’t know if they’ll continue this pattern when they find a building, the Free Church that I’m talking about that we do attend now when we can. I will make sure to find out if this is their intent, or what it is. It is such a delight to worship like that. Soaking it up as much as I can.

Someday I might feel free enough to write more on what’s the ‘big deal’ that bothers me at “our member church”. Right now it’s not something I can publish, it’s something that should be dealt with, but might not have any resolving on either side — which seems most likely to me. My views are not taken kindly by them, but I see my views as being in the right, with church polity being important, and some others angles of it as are connected being superbly only what scripture teaches most simply, which is the common-ist position any could take, and that is trouble when they don’t see that at all.

For now DH is having us go to Free Church for morning service, and lunch, then home to rest and ready ourselves, and then go to “our member church” at 6:00pm. We did that this past Sunday. The Sunday before we did “our member church” in the morning and then went to Free Church for their afternoon service. We got stuck talking to some after the morning service, so missed being able to get to Free Church before lunch was over. We got something to eat afterwards, they were kind enough to get things out for us. That day was a bad one for me though, I truly had a horrid time from the morning service. This past Sunday was much better, but my body goes nuts when getting ready for something unliked, and I was miserable at home until we went. I had to lie abed resting trying to get myself from falling apart. It wasn’t so very bad, but wasn’t as kinful feeling, as Free Church folk are to us, if that makes any sense at all.

I do like some of the people as “our member church” so it’s not about them. It’s about the whole building and what their plans for the future building are, and how the service goes in the morning and the issue that I can’t speak of fully …

As I said earlier, I am soaking up the environs of Free Church as much as I can, and it’s so very healing. There are things about it that make it so we feel we won’t be able to join this church officially, but we are great friends to them inspite of that and would love to keep going there until we find somewhere else, though DH is allowing us to say we aren’t necessarily leaving “our member church” but it does seem the ultimate way it will go, unless everything else out there is just so bad … but then that leaves me in a tizzy situation of not being able to take Communion forever, amen. 🙁

May worse than April?

We are having very hot weather, since before this June First day … a fitting way for what has happened with us the end of May. I won’t use official titles or words, just know that an event happened that wasn’t needed, but a child fooling around with the ring-a-dingy thingy … which warp-sped into another thingy a few days later, when the massive literal heat of weather hit, and I am so mad about it, but it’s “o.k.” now.

Basically I was spouting Thomas Jefferson quotes to my hubby all last week, though we weren’t by each other. Our home was invaded by true-do-good friends and new aquaintances to get our floors “installed” so that the thingy would go away when next appearance was due.

God graced us with the aide of a person of learned status who truly did their job and the thingy went away.

I had a 4-day week of not-home-ed-ness and that has set me back. My stuff is all put into boxes due to moving stuff around with me not here. So I’m trying to figure what to do with what, and all that.

My hubby agrees with me now to use this to materialize-down, and to save the things we truly want for the future but do not currently need to have about in packing boxes and put into some PODZ-like storage … and try to get the house totally finished and vamoose …


It’s June now. I thank God for his guiding hand.

Another Narnia Quiz

As Jewel, you are slightly stubborn and a tad head-strong, but you are valiant brave and daring. Admired for your free spirit and adventurism, you are the subject of much respect.

I’ve taken this quiz in the past, never posted it before today. Same results though. 🙂

For the thirsty

Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters, and he that hath no money, come ye, buy, and eat; yea, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price.

Wherefore do ye spen money for that which is not bread? And your labour for that which satisifieth not? Hearken diligently unto me, and eat ye that which is good, and let your soul delight itself in fatness.

Incline your ear, and come unto me: hear, and your soul shall live; and I will make an everlasting covenant with you, even the sure mercies of David.

Behold, I have given him for a witness to the people, a leader and commander to the people.

Behold, thou shalt call a nation that thou knowest not, and nations that knew not thee shall run unto thee because of the Lord thy God, and for the Holy One of Israel; for he hath glorified thee.

Seek ye the Lord while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near;

Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; and let him return unto the Lord, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.

Isaiah 55:1-7

The call is to all who hear. If you hear the call you are called. Repent.

But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and by his stripes we are healed.

All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the Lord hath laid on him the iniquity of us all.

Isaiah 53:5-6

For those whom have heard and have repented, refresh yourself in his streams.

Patrick Henry Was Right

Good article.

I agree with the article, and only want to note the exception I take: I have deeply held to the founders beliefs as long as I can remember, something taught me right in the earliest years and my voracious reading in my elementary days formed the fullest thoughts, States Rights, and the Constitution and original Bill of Rights and LIMITED GOVERNMENT at most were right. I see the actual views of “The People” around me and know that they ARE apathetic and even apologetic of our heritage.

I have not voted my conscience in my adult years, and still have never really, since I voted Peroutka lastly, there is not actually a party or candidate who would do what I believe is right, scrap it all, and begin again as our framers did and not make the same mistakes (just as long as they make “different mistakes” they will make mistakes, nothing is “perfect”.) I liked Peroutka alright, I do not have a love of the constitution as being the thing that holds this body of people together, or that going to a cleaned up government would work, going “back to the constitution”. I firmly DO believe that it should be scrapped and something different done. It’s unlikely to occur on purpose (men doing it on purpose) — more likely to come about because of distaster neccesity, whether it be a nature disaster or a war with man disaster or a combination. (I have an ally in the Peroutka-like folk though, we have many of the same ideas, just different solutions, though some are the same.)

I decend physically from the founding peoples of this country. I hold that in my heart and know that it’s important to never forget. Remember the colonial days … never forget.

I know that we are so far past the mark that we were when the colonists became rebel to the crown. One can see many other governments and how the people supported the rise of empire, and the masses NEVER LEARN! Oh how sad it is.

People’s that came to this country in the mid-1800’s through the mid-1900’s may not grasp what America really is.

It’s said the American Dream is: To Own Ones Own Home.

Maybe it is, but that’s not my dream. My dream is to live in a free society, with limited government influence. People ruling as need be, not for power, but only for a freedom and never forgetting what was and what can be if things get lax again and power takes over again.

Patrick Henry Was Right

What does liberty mean in the 21st century? Can it be maintained? “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”— do these words have any relevance for a society that has largely forgotten its historical roots?

Consider the plight of the American people. We have become apathetic, even apologetic, of our heritage. We have forgotten that the original intent of the Constitution was to place limits on the government’s ability to intrude into people’s lives. We have bought the devil’s lie that humans can build a utopian heaven on earth through what Bush the Elder called a New World Order.

Perhaps more than any other Founding Father, it was Patrick Henry who tried to warn his compatriots that adopting the U.S. Constitution would eventually lead to a consolidated empire instead of a federated republic, which they had under the Articles of Confederation. If our Founders had foreseen that the Constitution would be used to overthrow liberty and establish despotism, they probably would never have ratified it. The Anti-Federalists, like Patrick Henry, were distrustful of a central government that was built at the price of liberty. That’s why they insisted on the Bill of Rights — to stay the hand of tyranny for as long as possible.

Henry said,

We are descended from a people whose government was founded on liberty … but now the American spirit assisted by the ropes and chains of consolidation is about to convert this country into a powerful and mighty empire; if you make the citizens of this country agree to become the subjects of one great consolidated empire of America, your government will not have sufficient energy to keep them together; such a government is incompatible with the genius of republicanism.

Years later, Alexander Stephens, Vice President of the Confederate States of America, said,

The great vital question now is: shall the federal government be arrested in its progress and be brought back to original principles, or shall it be permitted to go on in its present tendencies and rapid strides until it reaches complete consolidation?

More recently James Hall, writing in Etherzone, noted:

The events of September 11, 2001 were tragic, but hardly provide justification to abandon our Constitution or deploy the military to every corner of the globe. The security of the United States is not enhanced by perpetual intervention and permanent war. The Presidency is meant to lead the country, not to transform the nation into an empire. …

President Bush has overseen an expansion of the federal government, that no Democratic administration could accomplish. His use of executive orders has only increased the scope and reach of central authority. Resonantly absent are any efforts to enact fundamental conservative policies, or to reverse past policies of liberal administrations. Appointments and procedures all reinforce and expand a dominant role of bureaucratic agencies over local jurisdictions. The defense of liberty has been forsaken and is the ultimate causality of the Bush legacy.

In the end, Patrick Henry and the Anti-Federalists were right: people are far too trusting of government. Henry realized what few of us are willing to admit any longer — that men are basically evil, intrinsically power-hungry, and inherently incapable of being anything but tyrants in their feeble attempts to play God.

–author: Dave Black, posted on Sept. 29, 2005

Salty Dogma

Interesting … if you haven’t seen it yet. Article dated August 6, 2005 Worldmag.

This quote is in response here: Sept 10 Worldmag Mailbag:

I have enjoyed listening to U2 for nearly two decades (“Salty dogma,” Aug. 6). So many of U2’s lyrics are sprinkled with redemptive themes, but I always had the sense that Bono esteems Jesus Christ just as much as he esteems Martin Luther King Jr. I recently attended U2’s concert in Chicago where Bono chanted, over and over again on stage, “Jesus, Muhammad, Jew, it’s true.” If Bono is a Christian, I remain perplexed.

I myself am perplexed over the chanting that the above quote mentions, but context is missing … so it’s more perplexing to me than to that person, not that I can’t see either this or that position about what it might have been about … I sure can, but I’m going on the idea of wanting full context before saying much more than I have.

I really liked U2 when I was younger. I have more than a few of their LP’s and CD’s combined, but nothing terribly recent, I quit buying U2, for no particular reason.

I find many ideas of redemption in the music, but I will say that I also know that many Christians, while claiming Christ, are still quite confused about what religion is, and how to look at other religions and what should be revered and what should not, and what is equal to what in what religion, etc. Christians that aren’t taught so think polytheistically all too often, which is what seems to be the problem with both Bono and Bush. Glad my name doesn’t start with a “B”, but even though it doesn’t I do know enough to examine myself to be sure I’m in line with religion, there is one way, ONE True God. Our True God is three in one. Christ the Messiah is the Son — Father, Son, Holy Spirit, three-in-one. Christ is the only way and through him we are saved, but we can’t just go out and do what we want and use him as a “get out a jail free” card, nor view him as “one of the ways”. He is not the way for other religions. Other gods are false gods and are not markers for the One True God — only Jesus and His Shed Blood is the way to salvation and eternal life.

Bono sounds like, in the main article, that he “gets it”, but in the end he doesn’t seem to, in some ways.

I know that if I was put into the limelight, my failings would make me look miserable, and so much a bad Christian. I sure haven’t been so bad, but it’s only a way of saying, no one is perfect, we all have failings and do stupid things, whether we admit that to ourselves or not. So what I wanted to really say is that Bono gets that, but doesn’t have a reformed thought as he could, and should, that worm that I am, in Christ I am whole and I should strive to be obedient, though a lowly worm.

Lastly the main article speaks about the interviewer … and it’s plain, they never heard the gospel, and it’s plain, they still haven’t fully heard the gospel, if THAT’s all that Bono said. But since this main article I’m talking of is not the interview, it’s third-hand at least, it’s not the actual interview, nor is it the raw real interview, it’s an article about a published interview. 🙄