The Christmas Spirit and Me

I have to get some things done today. Get things going to get another stage of Christmas Card creation on it’s way. (I have a basic form and the front done, but the decor is not done 100% and I don’t know what I’m doing yet with the other parts.)

Dec Daily Day 6

Figure out how to get the children to get things picked up, do their educational work even though they don’t want to, make room for the Christmas tree, get a Christmas tree, find decorations. Add to Christmas paper chain. Show 15-yr-old how to put lights on a Christmas tree (so I don’t have to do it anymore!) –I took over Christmas tree decoration in my teens, I never let anyone else do it until sometime in the last 10 years when I grew weary of it (half of that is because of living where there was no motivation for doing it except for me and having no support from hubby or the Christian scene –hard to explain here, so suffice it to say, I make it, or it doesn’t happen and after blah, blah, blah years of that, sigh, oh well.)

I then need to get everyone cleaned up in nice winter clothing and take a picture, get that printed so I can send it with cards. (doesn’t feel like it’ll happen this year though!)

I’m married to Half-Scrooge. He’s not rich, he has a bah humbug idea of Christmas, it’s totally stressful and he’s not creative with gift giving, if he can buy it, he will, but grumble about it at some point. He would do well to be a super duper billionaire, but seeing as he’s not … it’s trouble for him. He’s so plain, who cares about a Christmas tree, or lights on the house, or flowers on the table, or nice dishes for holidays (where is my China? Don’t have any. I can’t get any. I’d prefer to get a mish-mash of stuff collected but that’s another of my things that isn’t his thing. I LOVE going to Antique sorts of stores, even Good Will. His idea of that sort of thing goes with books only. He’ll buy new or used, books, but not clothing or other things usually.

Readers, this is not “dump on hubby” stuff. It’s just about “The Christmas Spirit” and how hard it is to maintain the power to do things with such grummpy-dom nearby.

It’s these times that I reflect on bad choices.

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  1. Becky says:

    I got Victoria’s card today. it is so cute and really a professional look that it is hard to believe it wasnt produced by a child. I love it! About being grumpy about a hubbie’s lack of Christmas spirit, my hubby refuses to put up lights on the house. He did put up our tree (pre-lit fake one) but I decorated it myself and yesterday, put away all the decorations already so we don’t have to do it when we go back to work next week on Tuesday. We are going to a campsite with some friends on New Years eve and coming back on Monday so there will be no time afterwards to clean up. it is just depressing to take it all down now. The Christmas season comes and goes so quickly now days and it is rather bitter-sweet. If it lingered longer we would probably wish it was over sooner, so the timing is probably ok. Have a Happy New Year and I hope your Christmas was Merry. Love, Becky

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