Still waiting … (theme of my life)

Still waiting for hubby to call Sony about the PSP activation thing I wrote about last. He said he would that day, didn’t, nor the next, and so on.

I can’t believe it from this perspective, that their stuff is so messed up as to not recognize that those two PSP’s are the same ones as before hitting the Deactivate button. The Music/Video/Comics activation is totally annoying, as you can’t get rid of old ones that are activated with that stuff since that stuff isn’t EDITABLE ONLINE ANYMORE as it once was (I know, I took that stuff off of one of the old ones we don’t have anymore but was still connected to the account, then the DEACTIVATE from post 11-18 did take that one away totally. There is no way to take such an approach now though, cause the DEVICE section was changed, and there is no way to change the PSP Music/Video/Comics thing anymore. I’m glad I did it when I could, before, but now I’m locked with two PSP’s listed with that stuff, and when trying to activate the ACTUAL PSP’s in question, they can’t be activated for that stuff, and if I activate for GAMES they show up as NEW PSP’s, don’t connect to the ones there already, thus I refer to those on my account as Virtual PSP’s, they used to be representative of IRL PSP’s but no longer are connected. Urgh!!!!!

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