Murky PSN Licensing Reality

After thinking about the PSN fiasco started November 4, 2011 on the Playstation Blog(s) for awhile now, I am just as peeved seeing a definite problem with it, moreso in regard to how it’ll work with portable units. PSP and future devices. As it is, there is no trophy support on the PSP, so … it’s worked to have just my account activated on all three PSP’s in our household, especially since I was allowed to put my stuff on up to 5 PSP’s.

All year I’ve fretted about this day coming, in my head, since I knew it’d be an issue with the PS Vita in the first place, it’d have to have activation as a device differing from how one is signed into PSN ID. But … who knows if that is solved yet. Assuredly it must be, but … anyhow, only 2 devices can play something at the same time, in the portable arena. How does it work IRL though, can all three of my PSP’s stay activated for other content and have all new content, how does it really work with their proposed activate/deactivate scheme. It seems murky and hoopy.

Anyhow, you have to “Activate” a machine. When you download a game it “activates” when installing. If you sign-out of PSN some games won’t let you play unless you are signed in to PSN with the activation ID. Some games won’t let two people be signed in with the same activation ID at the same time, and in those cases they can sign-in with their own PSN ID, depening on the game. Otherwise, you need two copies of the game to play it at the same time (some online games are like that) It’s murky, not fun, already. With new stuff, it could be worse.

I don’t have devices so that I have to jump through hoops. If I liked jumping through hoops I’d have a set of hoops to jump through out in my yard.

This should be so easy, where’s the Staples EASY button when you need it?!!!

[There are 4 people that use the 3 PSP’s: Me, Son #1, we each have our own. One other is shared between the rest of the family thus far, mostly 2 other people (Son and Daughter) but it will eventually become a problem when we would need to retire that 3rd one and get a couple of new ones, and then all along my #1 and me were planning on upgrading, I was going to keep my PSP on hand for UMD use mostly, so it’s so really icky murky and it’s gonna get worse, no doubt.]





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