PS Vita – Games and Thoughts – February 26

I’ve been playing Lumines Electronic Symphony DEMO on my PS Vita.

My High Score - Lumines Electronic Symphony (Demo)

I really like it and want to be able to Unlock the full game, but it’s just too steep of a price for me right now, with MLB 12 The Show coming out on March 6, plus Unit 13, and maybe also Sumioni: Demon Arts on my want list.

Anyhow, it’s odd to play a 10 minute puzzle-ish demo over and over and over, but I have been doing that. I like it so much, while the music isn’t my favorite sort of music, it’s OK. I like other Electronic stuff but tend towards hard rock, metal, modern hard, alternative, dark stuff … whether or not you include The Cure in that, but yes, I do, plus Clan of Xymox, two of my favorite, favorite, favorite bands, and Clan of Xymox’s most recent album Darkest Hour is more electronic than previous albums by far, but so different from LES music.

Another game I have is Army Corps of Hell. There is spectacular death metal music in it. I love that part of the game. I haven’t progressed past Level 2 yet. I just can’t quite beat that boss. I don’t try much, just 2 or 3 tries here and there a day. I need to put on my earphones when I play this game, appreciate the music all the more, and maybe that’ll get me beating the boss to progress a bit more. This is one game I want to fully finish and get all the Trophies for.

The baseball game won’t be in my hands until a couple of days after it releases. I pre-ordered it and my hubby will be picking it up on his way home from a trip. I don’t know when we’ll get the PS3 version. That’ll be nice with my PS Vita version to continue a game on the couch while someone else plays on the PS3 or play it in bed, in the vehicle, etc.

I’d also like Unit 13, but I maybe will only get it for my son, and see what I can do with the DEMO of that between here and there and make a decision later. $$ is at issue though.

Sumioni: Demon Arts looks beautiful and I don’t know if it’s my kind of game exactly, but it LOOKS gorgeous, I do like the Sumi-e art style. The premise looks promising. I’ll have to see about it once price and how big to download or if available as Retail version or not information is out.

I hope PSN will get Trophy info onto the PS3 and Internet trophy sites with our PS Vita Trophies. It’s frustrating to see my count go up and not be able to see it on PS3 or in the browser. Yes, I can see things on my PS Vita, that’s good. Oh, but there is a flaw I noticed with a PS3 game on my PS Vita. I was playing Warhawk and got a couple of Trophies yesterday. I synced and I’m at 59% on that game now. On my PS Vita though, it shows me at 58% now. It shows the same trophies, and the % is up from before but just 1% lower on my PS Vita trophy list view.

All my other PS3 games show the same % between PS3 & PS Vita & Web browser. (oh, minus Bejeweled 3 which won’t sync to PSN Trophies — Sony has to implement a fix, and they should have done so ever since November 2011 when it’s been a known issue. Really annoying. I can’t look at my Trophies on my PS3 I played Bejeweled 3 on without sync auto-syncing every time I look. If I choose triangle and “sync” I get an error. All other thing, looking at trophies, sync starts, then hangs a bit, then finishes and shows me my trophies (but Bejeweled 3 isn’t on the Browser or other PS3 Trophy lists, only on my PS3 that I earned it on, but it’s not counted in my Trophy number. AUGH! When I realized all this, I quit playing it. I won’t play it again until Sony puts the trophies in the server. I got the game the day it came out, my hubby saved it for a xmas present for me. I didn’t play it until recently, thank goodness, due to trophy sync issue.)

There are several games for PS3 I haven’t done much with, or anything. There are games coming up for PS3 that I’d love to get. (Quantum Conundrum, Starhawk, and not upcoming but never got 2nd copy: Resistance 3) So put that all together and you have me, PS Vita, not enough games on it to satisfy me, but I do love the PS Vita. PS3, games to play, just don’t do much but play Warhawk sometimes, and more of Starhawk public beta, then less, and moreso waiting for 1.3 update to play more. So in a lull I think about the lack of a good puzzle full game for my PS Vita (Lumines!) and frustration at being stuck on Level 2 of ACoH. I KNOW what to do, just having a hard time getting it done. I love Little Deviants, but it’s a game that has challenges and is fun, but taxing and not something to “just play” like “Lumines” would be for me.

Another game for PS3 is WipEout HD. I need to play that so that I can maybe get better (I have to get better!) at PS Vita WipEout 2048! I started WipEout HD once in 2011. I didn’t do much, barely remember the game play. The PS Vita version is brutal. I’m stuck with 3 track things completed. That in itself was hard work. I’ve given up on that for now. Good DLC for WipEout 2048 is coming later (DLC will be: WipEout HD & Fury HD) and then cross-play can be lots of fun …

And now I have been looking at MotorStorm RC … and that is a PSN PS3 PS Vita dream come true! Sounds like a game I’ll like and so will my family and it’ll be so affordable. Yea!

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