I rooted my phone earlier this year. I didn’t flash a new ROM right away, left that for another time, but did do that sometime in February. My husband has the same phone as me, only he got his in 2011. HTC changed phones from then on to be able to be unlocked without having S-off, but you have to jump through their hoops to get that done. Ultimately I wanted to get his phone rooted and ROM’d so there wouldn’t be any more “out of space” notifications with nothing he could do about it except for get rid of apps that won’t move to SD Card.

Yesterday I started that, finished it, but there are more tweaks he could use, and I didn’t even verify that he can make any phone calls yet. It was a messy affair though. Unlocking and then I couldn’t get it rooted, then it was, but it wasn’t, but … ultimately I went the full downgrade to a lower hboot to achieve full s-off. And then still these ROM’s wouldn’t flash, so I took the one I had on my computer (I had been working on his laptop to keep his phone separate) that I had started with … voila, it worked perfectly!


So I then got him into a Sense ROM, it’s nice and nearly the same, but one thing is, you can delete bloat apps and you have wi-fi you can share (with your PC or other device) To solve my hubby’s phone problem I could have just wiped all the data to factory. Kind of a start fresh. But there is more bloat there, that way, and it can’t be removed, and little tweaks are not do-able, and … let’s just do it, it’s the right thing for many devices, not all, just many.

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