Black Friday 2013

I just realized I never posted anything about the PS4 experience from our November 15 Midnight Release we went to, nor anything about using it since. I’ll correct that later.

Not the typical Black Friday

Right now it’s Black Friday. We got up early and went to the LEGO Store (opened at 6 a.m.) and loaded up on MORE Lego, yes, more than before, meaning we’ve already bought some, a lot, actually.  🙂 Some of the things were on sale, for real too (we know the regular prices well.)


In the past few years LEGO has become bigger and bigger in our home for birthdays and Christmas. We love LEGO, LOVE IT! Me too. Just my hubby is not much of a fan, it’s OK to him, no compulsion to build a set in him, ever. He’ll admire whatever we show him, and he’s active in picking out what we want, as long as we tell him what we want. He starts to pick up on other things here and there for some series, getting little sets for us here and there, minifigure packs too.

Best Buy


We got some PS+ 12-month cards for $29.99 each, Best Buy had scads of them available. Just nothing to pick up in games for us this Christmas, for PS4. Lots to pre-order for 2014 though. There are a couple of PS3 games I keep thinking about but not when I’m in Best Buy.  🙁



We looked at Washers and found that the one that closest-ly matches our dryer is on sale until Monday, and it is worth doing since our washer is an older front-loader that leaks and has problems, starting over would be good. Our dryer isn’t that old. We never did get a true set of matching front-load washer and dryer. We’d been using the dryer we got in late 1996 until sometime in the last year. It was not nice to do that. I mean, use it so long. The new one is just as new as it was when we got it. It works and works well. Superior to the one we used to have by lightyears. So then, the washer will just be one model number higher, but looks exactly the same as our dryer.

We will try to get pedestals to put the washer and dryer on. Finally, the better setup for laundry will be here!  :heart:

World Market

We went to Cost Plus World Market and found some stockings we liked, they were a % off, that’s good, needing 6 of them.


We also went to Costco. Costco opened an hour earlier than usual on Friday’s. They were open at 9 a.m.  We weren’t going there for any Black Friday deals, just getting a few things, as well as looking to see if anything more was on sale than listed. The store was the least crowded than I’ve seen at any point in any day there, ever. I thought the Black Friday ad was miserable, I mean, there wasn’t a single thing to want or need.

Best Buy, again

Another rant I was reminded of today. Best Buy has a PS Vita section that is so mis-managed. The games are messily displayed and nothing new has been added in weeks and weeks and weeks. Games I would have picked up in physical form, not there at all. The people there say they don’t know why. I don’t tell them to clean it up, just where is … and they don’t know why they didn’t get any.  🙁

A big plus, I’d say, is that whenever we’ve been in Best Buy this whole month of November, before the 15th and since a few times, people are looking at games, and systems, but mostly all are oohing over PS4 stuff, looking at the Wii U, and hanging around PS4 stuff the most. The green aisles are empty, for the most part. FWIW

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