It’s Christmas Season!

Christmas Season is my favorite time of year. It’s colder and there’s the fireplace in use most days, planning goes high gear, implementation knocked out as can do all the next month.

Of course, we just got done with Thanksgiving Day and my daughters birthday the next day, and I got sick over that time. I hate colds, I hate them! I’m really in no shape to do much, it’s enraging when there WERE things you had wanted to do, but have no way of forcing yourself to care about those things anymore.

Easy tasks are now nightmare. I don’t have the energy to do more than blow my nose, drink coffee, play on my PS Vita, or read something (book, on PC, Tablet, phone, etc.)

For instance I took no photos the last couple of days. Oh no!

Even now, there are beautiful maples ย in my yard, getting redder by the day, and I have taken none. My Thanksgiving meal, that day, nothing. Daughters birthday, nothing. Ugh.



Black Friday 2013

I just realized I never posted anything about the PS4 experience from our November 15 Midnight Release we went to, nor anything about using it since. I’ll correct that later.

Not the typical Black Friday

Right now it’s Black Friday. We got up early and went to the LEGO Store (opened at 6 a.m.) and loaded up on MORE Lego, yes, more than before, meaning we’ve already bought some, a lot, actually.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚ Some of the things were on sale, for real too (we know the regular prices well.)


In the past few years LEGO has become bigger and bigger in our home for birthdays and Christmas. We love LEGO, LOVE IT! Me too. Just my hubby is not much of a fan, it’s OK to him, no compulsion to build a set in him, ever. He’ll admire whatever we show him, and he’s active in picking out what we want, as long as we tell him what we want. He starts to pick up on other things here and there for some series, getting little sets for us here and there, minifigure packs too.

Best Buy


We got some PS+ 12-month cards for $29.99 each, Best Buy had scads of them available. Just nothing to pick up in games for us this Christmas, for PS4. Lots to pre-order for 2014 though. There are a couple of PS3 games I keep thinking about but not when I’m in Best Buy.ย  ๐Ÿ™



We looked at Washers and found that the one that closest-ly matches our dryer is on sale until Monday, and it is worth doing since our washer is an older front-loader that leaks and has problems, starting over would be good. Our dryer isn’t that old. We never did get a true set of matching front-load washer and dryer. We’d been using the dryer we got in late 1996 until sometime in the last year. It was not nice to do that. I mean, use it so long. The new one is just as new as it was when we got it. It works and works well. Superior to the one we used to have by lightyears. So then, the washer will just be one model number higher, but looks exactly the same as our dryer.

We will try to get pedestals to put the washer and dryer on. Finally, the better setup for laundry will be here!ย  :heart:

World Market

We went to Cost Plus World Market and found some stockings we liked, they were a % off, that’s good, needing 6 of them.


We also went to Costco. Costco opened an hour earlier than usual on Friday’s. They were open at 9 a.m. ย We weren’t going there for any Black Friday deals, just getting a few things, as well as looking to see if anything more was on sale than listed. The store was the least crowded than I’ve seen at any point in any day there, ever. I thought the Black Friday ad was miserable, I mean, there wasn’t a single thing to want or need.

Best Buy, again

Another rant I was reminded of today. Best Buy has a PS Vita section that is so mis-managed. The games are messily displayed and nothing new has been added in weeks and weeks and weeks. Games I would have picked up in physical form, not there at all. The people there say they don’t know why. I don’t tell them to clean it up, just where is … and they don’t know why they didn’t get any.ย  ๐Ÿ™

A big plus, I’d say, is that whenever we’ve been in Best Buy this whole month of November, before the 15th and since a few times, people are looking at games, and systems, but mostly all are oohing over PS4 stuff, looking at the Wii U, and hanging around PS4 stuff the most. The green aisles are empty, for the most part. FWIW

Planning for Christmas or Zombies

I think things will spin on as usual. Most chance for that, or next in line would be Zombies … yes, that Zombie Apocalypse will rise.

So, we still have to finish decorating the Christmas Tree. Not many cookies made yet. Not all the presents are wrapped nor gotten in hand yet. Most, yes, but not all.

I haven’t made cards, nor sent any, of course. Main reason, I didn’t send any last year, but I made 5. I loved those cards. The plan was to get them out and make more and send them. Well, I couldn’t find where I put them, until today, and today being the last one, um, uh, ha ha, it wasn’t such a good one, no feelings to do anything much.

It’ll all work out. No matter what.

Time Stretch

This week has gone slower than the week before and the week before and the week before and the week before. It’s just perspective, but even so, it’s as real and anything can get.

A new year dawned 6 days ago. Christmas even longer ago. Getting to each event was fast. Now with this one new week, they seem so distant, removed and far away. At some point in the last two weeks in our house we were talking about the PS Vita “that it’s only … away!” when we’d get ours. Now it feels stretched out of reach, just over the horizon, something that was right in view all the time, anxious for the day to arrive, now it seems further away than ever.

It’s only perspective. It’s been one of those weeks, this and that, news of internet stuff, be it threats of one group or another, to make things unpleasant for many, many folks. These times are insane, it doth seem.

The Christmas Spirit and Me

I have to get some things done today. Get things going to get another stage of Christmas Card creation on it’s way. (I have a basic form and the front done, but the decor is not done 100% and I don’t know what I’m doing yet with the other parts.)

Dec Daily Day 6

Figure out how to get the children to get things picked up, do their educational work even though they don’t want to, make room for the Christmas tree, get a Christmas tree, find decorations. Add to Christmas paper chain. Show 15-yr-old how to put lights on a Christmas tree (so I don’t have to do it anymore!) –I took over Christmas tree decoration in my teens, I never let anyone else do it until sometime in the last 10 years when I grew weary of it (half of that is because of living where there was no motivation for doing it except for me and having no support from hubby or the Christian scene –hard to explain here, so suffice it to say, I make it, or it doesn’t happen and after blah, blah, blah years of that, sigh, oh well.)

I then need to get everyone cleaned up in nice winter clothing and take a picture, get that printed so I can send it with cards. (doesn’t feel like it’ll happen this year though!)

I’m married to Half-Scrooge. He’s not rich, he has a bah humbug idea of Christmas, it’s totally stressful and he’s not creative with gift giving, if he can buy it, he will, but grumble about it at some point. He would do well to be a super duper billionaire, but seeing as he’s not … it’s trouble for him. He’s so plain, who cares about a Christmas tree, or lights on the house, or flowers on the table, or nice dishes for holidays (where is my China? Don’t have any. I can’t get any. I’d prefer to get a mish-mash of stuff collected but that’s another of my things that isn’t his thing. I LOVE going to Antique sorts of stores, even Good Will. His idea of that sort of thing goes with books only. He’ll buy new or used, books, but not clothing or other things usually.

Readers, this is not “dump on hubby” stuff. It’s just about “The Christmas Spirit” and how hard it is to maintain the power to do things with such grummpy-dom nearby.

It’s these times that I reflect on bad choices.

(un)Holy Cow! PSN takes the cake

Sony is depressing me terribly today. I’m glad I didn’t go to their playstation blog yesterday, when I really couldn’t have dealt with it at all. I’d have thrown all my PS* stuff out by now if so. And seriously be considering the best way to … I don’t know, live without PlayStation, get rid of my whole love of PlayStation stuff and go to Nintendo, or … no, I couldn’t go there, or there solely like I could have with PS.

The stinking part of it is, I was GOING to get the PlayStation 3D Display and a 3rd PS3 to go with it, plus a pair or two of extra 3D glasses, extra controllers, and have a great office/craft room/playroom by early 2012.

Must re-think it all now.

My eldest son is 15, he and I are PSP fans. 3 other children are younger and getting interested in PSP’s.

UMD’s aren’t really being produced much now. PSP’s will eventually have no new disc content, only PSN ability and old UMD’s.

PSN content after Nov. 18th of this year (2011) can only be on up to 2 activated PS3’s and 2 activated PSP’s/PSVita’s

How it is right now, we have 2 PS3’s and we have 3 PSP’s and (plus 1 that is still activated, but we don’t have it, it was exchanged at Best Buy with their Black Tie service, but oops, forgot to “de-activate” it right. I tried, but it’s not done according to the one place I can see that stuff, the music unlimited site. [login with PSN ID])

How about the big plan we had: For Christmas me and my son were gonna get PS Vita’s. Ha. That isn’t happening, no matter how much we want it, it’s not coming to America until practically Spring 2012. (Where we live it usually is nearly Spring by then, and it’s close a lot of places)

Now if we go with when the PS Vita will be available, will we even want one? Before today, yes, but I was wondering how they’d change activation, and it looks like it’s so frickin restrictive that I’m gonna totally puke. In our house we have more because it’s 2 adults and 4 children, we all play video games.

I guess I can only play what I can get on my Google Android tablet now (or soon). I’ll be stuck with my old digital content on my PSP and whatever UMD discs I have and hope to God I don’t get sick of them or that the machine breaks.

OR I get a Vita and so does my son. No one else can have one and no one else can have our old PSP’s except as closed off things.

I’m not so sure I’m very thrilled with the idea of playing Dust 514 anymore, or Resistance: Burning Skies, or Starhawk.

We enjoy playing together when we can. We had 1 copy of Warhawk bought recently (disc) we went and found another right away, it was a lot of fun. We were looking forward to a third PS3 and maybe a 4th eventually, playing together online. We’ll be able to do it with Warhawk, it’s an old game, lots of them available in stores for $20 and down to $8 depending where you go. That one it’s OK about it to buy it for each machine, we get enough value out of it.

Not so with how Warhawk from PSN is, only 1 account can use it. Only 1 PS3 in any 24 hr. time slot can use it. Yikes!

It costs a lot on PSN too, so no biggie, we bought it for $8 each at Gamestop.

Resistance 3 is out now. I’d like it, was gonna get it with the pre-ordered 3D Display we payed $5 for holding one for us … were gonna get it in a few weeks when the Display was in stock. We hubby had different plans than I did, and Sony is releasing it sooner than originally they said, so hubby is on a different page about it than I am, and we will not be getting it until December at the earliest, so I am NOW saying, we ain’t getting one at all. Nope.

It makes me so mad. All of it together, or just Sony PlayStation Nov. 18th crapola all by itself.

How about this quote from the future: “Sorry, children, only me and your one of you are aloud to play this game. It’s not you though. When you get a job, you can buy it for yourself.”

We aren’t paying $59 for most games. Some we do and we only get 1 copy of them. Some things we’ve bought digital but it won’t be so friendly as it is now, any PS3 it’s OK for now, but soon enough it would have been alright with the 3rd I wanted. This is just so restrictive, it’ll end up hurting them more than us, I dare say.

We’ll seek other things and other ways and Sony will have been the cause of their own demise. At least they have shot themselves in their collective foot.

Christmas is coming

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas … it is. Actually it did before Thankgiving, depending on where you were, but now that Thanksgiving is in the past, it’s “OK” to have Christmas things out. ๐Ÿ™‚

We actually got a Christmas tree (at Costco, first time) this year, on “Black Friday” which is never very black for us. Usually little black to use. Very red, very, very red.

The Christmas tree is in the vehicle, we don’t have a place to put it up in the house yet. Still installing the dratted floor! It’s such a pain, it’s lovely that we have the wood and stuff to finally get the real wood as flooring that I’ve wanted for ages and ages. It is not so very straightforward to install in the living area though. It’s a fairly custom job, more-so than our bedroom floor install of 2007 went. I was very pregnant (6-7 months along) when I was fitting in pieces and drilling & nailing by hand (hammer) with my then 11-year-old son helping nail (hammer) some as well as setting most of the nails (hammer & nail set). That was fun. I guess it was more fun since I was so pregnant and therefore limber swinging the hammer, sitting on the floor, all the different positions one needs to get into when putting in a custom floor. (My hubby did start THAT floor with a floor nailer thing, but it jammed so much, we got sick of it. Wood split too. So we started pre-drilling and hand nailing and it was so much nicer, slower, but better overall.)

This current floor install is a pain, I have to do the cutting and fitting mostly. I have to make decisions and there is my husband who hasn’t been involved much and doing very little without me, and then I go and say “that has to come out and we have to find better pieces for that row” and so the work stops, takes three steps back … one step forward, slowly.

It will be lovely, someday. Life intervenes though. Not much work gets done when my helper goes running off to check the scores. I’m a football widow. I hate football. Especially since there are so many teams he wants to watch. It’s not like it’s one team for college, it’s ALL the games that are on. Similarly NFL is overly watched and followed. I know he’ll not stop, it’s just that, in regard to TIME there is this day, then tomorrow, and the next, and the next … you can’t regain time. That floor won’t get put all in by me, nor by itself. If you are here, not “at work” on the phone, then be working, be in the living room, get that floor in!

Then just maybe that Christmas tree can come inside and lower her branches for decorations.

Uh Oh. We have two cats that weren’t around before Christmas 2009 (born in March ’10.) This will be their first Christmas tree. In the past we have had kittens that were bad, some that were good. It will be interesting to see what’s in their stockings on Christmas morn.