Google Play Music – Fix Incorrect Match

Google Play Music is playing games with me. I have my own music uploaded, plus subscribe to Family Unlimited.

The Head on the Door – The Cure –the offending album on Google Play Music.I have had to delete and re-upload my The Cure albums before, but not for awhile. I don’t know when I last had to do that, but at any rate, I discovered a horrible thing when listening to my own library copy of The Head on the Door the other day. Track 6 begins with screams of a crowd then Robert introducing The Baby Screams. A LIVE version.


I loaded up my computer folder for that album, and that track is great as it should be, not LIVE.

I checked other computers I use too. All were fine.

So I have played the game to “fix incorrect match” and all that does is feign something will be fixed.

If I delete the track, then point upload music to the track on my computer again, it just puts The Baby Screams on my account as from The Head on the Door (Deluxe) though the track on my computer was only tagged as “The Head on the Door”

My track is 3:43, theirs is 3:47.

There is a LIVE BOOTLEG version on their Deluxe version that is 3:46 and that is the same stinking track that keeps going into my account as if it’s the same regular The Baby Screams  3:43 track on my computer. It’s not.

The correct song in their collection is 3:44, so that ridiculous bug is rearing it’s head and mixing up my album.

What bug? They say you can’t won’t get duplicates when uploading, except for Music Match determines your upload is something different and then you have duplicates in an album, your and theirs are mixed.

I originally uploaded music with Music Manager in the old days. I have had to re-point it here and again for different reasons, and then I have to parcel parts of my library, delete on Google Play, then point at new parcel I made. In the end I always find an album or two or three, or more, that I haven’t played in a while with doubled songs. Ugh

This problem is only because of track lengths. I haven’t re-ripped my tracks on my computer.  For whatever reason Google thinks my song isn’t the standard album #6 track. It treats it as it is in name, but the content is far from normal version.

Nowadays I use the browser Upload feature, and don’t have Music Manager installed on my main computers, and won’t install it. Will leaving a browser open to Google Music actually utilize my file? Not so far. 🙁


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