Month: March 2017

  • Warframe’s 4th Anniversary Syandana

    Here are a few screenshots of three of my Warframes wearing the Dex Syandana. It’s fully color customizable. I love it! Volt Prime Ash Prime Rhino Prime

  • Doctor Strange Steelbook arrived today!

    I ordered this over the weekend. It was in the mail today! It’s a beautiful steelbook, and it’s a great movie in 3D, I’ll be happy to view it at home soon. We really enjoyed the movie in the theatre in November. I was anxiously awaiting the blu-ray, but didn’t get to BB when they…

  • Eight Years Ago today we had snow

    It doesn’t snow every Winter in Georgia. Eight years ago, March 1, 2009 we had snow. I remember how this picture came to be. My dear husband doesn’t like snow. I asked him to go out and act as if he was enjoying it. (I reworked the photo shape and added text for this post.…