Amazon Vine

Edit 08-17-23: I’m quitting officially August 2023. I just can’t make myself do reviews anymore and it’s just not worth the pressure to do that, nor the pressure to keep under $600. I actually would feel less blocked by it if there was no tax junk tacked onto Americans.

I started the Amazon Vine program on October 26, 2022 (email invite 10-25-2022)

Initially I picked three things from the other offerings, having no specific recommendations yet.

The first things will arrive on Friday October 28th.

A grid notebook, a cat/dog fountain, and a label maker. All things that can be put to use immediately and reviewed easily.

Best part is, I have three more picks every day! 🙂

Caveat — I don’t know if I can do more or not, $0 taxable items are what I should have gone for at the start, but I’m still under $600 not sure how I should go about this yet, hubby may not be happy about it if… just need to review everything and keep picking Supplements, and things like that. Not super easy now, and really frustrated about how this may work out.

Want to be able to do more, but don’t want taxable problems. Need this is Hobby with not for profit with no intention of selling anything, only using what I get and giving it away to family and friends sometimes.

We honestly have things we need in the house and many things in Amazon Vine are useful for me/us. Program Ultimate Tax vs. Our Valued Savings not buying it, augh, the calculations needed. Hobby though still. I do like reviewing and installing, and using, and figuring it all out.

As it goes I did talk to my hubby yesterday, and he ended up saying he didn’t care if I went over $600, but I can’t go with anything he says, just because he says it. The next day he won’t have recalled he said it and based on something he said tonight, he sure as heck doesn’t.

DateItemTax ValuePhotoReview
10-26-2022Thermal Printer$23.99Yes
10-26-2022Th[ink] Notebook$19.00Yes
10-27-2022Bamboo Organizer$0Yes
10-27-2022Bathtub Drain Kit$21.69Yes
10-27-2022Electric Spin Scrubber$49.99Yes
10-28-2022Canvas Duffel Bag$29.99Yes
10-28-2022Small Desk Humidifier$19.98Yes
10-28-2022Portable Bartender Bag$79.99Yes
10-29-2022TERIOS PS4 Controller$19.99Yes
10-29-2022Bathroom Wall Shelf Rack$25.99Yes
10-29-2022Towel Rack Tall$47.99Yes
10-30-2022Leather Camera Strap$37.99Yes
10-30-2022Crystal Clear Ice$32.99
10-30-2022Embroidery Hoop$29.99
10-31-20221300mg NAC Supplement$0Yes
10-31-2022Nutricost L-Glycine$0Yes
10-31-2022Tinnitus Guard$0Yes
11-01-2022Pill box (4-pack)$0
11-01-2022Light Therapy Lamp$29.99Yes
11-01-2022HPRT H11 Label Maker$36.99Yes
11-02-22Magnum Solace Cocoa Mag Cream$0Yes
11-02-2022Sunactive IsoQ Bioavailable$0
11-2-2022Quercin Glucoside 1200mg$0
11-03-2022SR NAC$0Yes
11-03-20227 Day Pill Box$0Yes
11-04-2022Niacin 500mg$0
11-04-2022Acetyl L-Carnitine $0Yes
11-04-20228 Compartments Pill Box$0Yes
11-05-2022Betaine HCI 1200mg$0
11-05-2022Alma 1500$0
11-05-2022Liposomal GABA 1200$0Yes
11-06-2022Barnlux Storage$0
11-06-2022ALCAR powder$0
11-06-2022Unumac Pill Box$0
11-07-2022Clearance Ice Cube Trays$7.99
11-07-2022NMN$0This came without any sort of safety sealsYes, do not buy this.
11-07-2022Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses$0Yes
11-08-2022Blue Light Glasses for Women$0Yes
11-08-2022Ceramic Cat Food Bowls 4-pack$22.09
11-08-2022Embroidery Needles$9.99
11-09-2022Nui Nutra NMN$0
11-09-2022Vit K2 & D3$0
11-09-2022Liposomal Fisetin$0
11-11-2022Sizobi Magnetic Pincushion$0
11-11-2022Farmhouse Papertowel Holder$12.76Yes
11-12-202221 day pill case$0
11-12-2022Bucked Up Huperzine-A$0
11-12-2022Electric Personal Heating Device$0
11-13-20223D Eye Patch – 2$0Yes
11-13-20228 Compartment Pill box$0
11-14-2022Earpick Earwax$0
11-14-2022Folding Reading Glasses$0
11-14-2022Silicon Hot/Cold Water Bottle$0
11-15-2022Mega Nac+Quercetin$0
11-15-20222.0 Readers$0
11-15-2022Essential Oil$0
11-17-2022Chickweed Capsules$0
11-19-2022Collagen Peptide Capsules$0
11-19-2022Pill Organizer$0
11-19-2022Essential Oil$0
11-20-2022Essential Oil$0
11-20-2022Essential Oil$0
11-20-2022Shower Back Scrubber$0
11-21-2022Shilajit Capsules $0
11-21-2022Mugwort Naval sticker$0
11-22-2022Cat grooming Brush easy removal$0Yes
11-25-2022Amla Tablets$0
11-25-2022Respiratory Supplement$0
11-26-2022Face Gems$0Yes
12-1-2022Silk Sleep Mask$0
12-2-2022Earwax Removal Tool Camera$0
12-2-2022Magnesium Cream$0
12-2-2022SS Blackhead Remover Tool$0
12-3-2022Bell G-Out$0
12-3-2022Saw Palmetto for Men$0Yes
12-3-2022NAC Defend Blend$0
12-4-2022SS Blackhead Remover Tool$0
12-4-2022SS Makeup Spatula$0
12-4-2022Quercetin w/ Bromelain Gummies$0
12-5-2022Calm Sleep$0
12-5-2022Silicon Makeup Brush Holder$0
12-6-2022Pill boxes$0
12-7-2022Mugwort Sticker$0
12-7-2022Silicon Makeup Brush Holder$0
12-7-2022Portable Nebulizer Rechargeable$0
12-9-2022Safety Reading Glasses$0
12-9-2022Pill Box$0
12-9-2022Pill box $0
12-10-2022Bluelight Glasses$0
12-10-2022Bluelight Glasses$0
12-11-2022Piercing Relief$0