I got a 3DS XL Blue in 2013. Fire Emblem Awakening was mostly what I played [I love Fire Emblem Awakening!]  I loved Swapnote but Nintendo killed that and really made my 3DS not as good, but then MiiVerse helped but then they nerfed my use of it without having a game to play.

I got a NEW 3DS XL Black in 2015. I’ve mostly played with Mii Maker and MiiVerse on it, especially since I am so distanced from the Swapnote and MiiVerse earlier ways, just stuck in checking notifications, looking at posts, and mostly not doing much as time goes on.

I have Xenoblade Chronicles 3D but haven’t pushed very far into it, it’s just not as compelling as playing Terraria on PS4 or even on PS Vita, or some other game elsewhere… like Fire Emblem Awakening on my blue 3DS XL. I do kind of like it, but compelling it is not.

I wondered if Mario Maker would ever come to 3DS and holy cow it is in December 2016. OK, Nice. [edit: Nov. 3, 2016]