KETO & Histamine

Wednesday, November 9, 2022: OK, KETO is in my toolbox. It’s not my life right now, but I don’t mind utilizing it at times in the future.

My guts and Histamine reactions must be in line before I can decide what more I can do.

I will be walking every day in the backyard again, taken the last few weeks off. I’m sticking to the same weight for a few months now, just not losing no matter how much I walk, eat Keto, eat cheating, eat whatever or eat nothing. Nothing changes.

My KETO & Histamine Manifesto

November 23, 2021

Eating KETO is healthy. Is more healthy than just eating Low Carb. But …

My KETO also avoids Nightshades (for the most part, but reassesing with Histamine changes and over time changes possible.) Every so often tomato and sweet red peppers. Always a trial, not a regular eating pattern though … sometimes more often than not.

Note: Oct. 8, 2022 – I need to lower Histamine reaction which means KETO isn’t 100% great right now. I am in a holding pattern and I just can’t keep on once things are clearer, I must “change” again, but it’s only refining my view of everything as I go. Learn what works, what doesn’t and voila! Things go better.

Insulin Resistance/Glucose/Inflamation has been my focus…

Getting supplements that make all that better supported is one key point I’m getting better stocked up on.

The missing information was doing the right things to avoid Histamine Jumping Around inside me.

I now get the idea why eating makes me feel icky (ALL MY LIFE!)

Meat must be as fresh as possible and eaten cooked right, but never leftovers.

Histamine in meat. Ugh.

Green Tea & Coffee holy cow, they are histamine active. Whoa! I need to make tea from other herbs.

I get really clogged up in my sinus, very affected all the time, and worse seasonally. Yes, a bulk of the discomfort is from food elements.

So what I did before was AIP, now I can take so much of that and bring everything from AIP and KETO with Low Histamine information together, cross-reference and win!

Oh, onions are anti-histamine, not an allergy like some things have written about it in the past, my goodness, my nose drains, and that is a good thing.

So many foods are on the “Possible Migraine Trigger” lists that abound. Nice to see Migraine as a possible Histamine Intolerance symptom. All my life I think I’m histamine sensitive and got worse and worse as the years wore on, especially when my Dad moved us to south FL when I was 13. Uptick in allergies and symptoms, along with female hormones all a recipe for disaster.

Spinach and Strawberries have been on my NO-NO list since I was a teen. They caused a bad sore tongue reaction every time, and I liked eating both of them. I learned not to eat them all on my own.

I don’t eat mushrooms, for one I don’t like them, texture & flavor, but allergy testing showed me exceptionally adverse to them and mold.

All along I had minor allergies, and irregularities to sleep, eating, digestion, itchy skin (I was always sooooo itchy when I was a little kid, never really had stopped either, just used to it,) cycles, and Migraines. Bad for me, useless with all doctors. I have become a NO doctors person, I do best treating myself. My last two babies were homebirth.

Lack of money for supplements, herbs, concoction ingredients kept me from profiting with better health over the years.

Overuse of Motrin, Advil and Benadryl. In 2018 I decided I had enough and quit taking any of that and found out how miserable I actually was. It took time to get much better with no Advil, my go to for many years. Eventually it didn’t hurt as much, and I tried to eat AIP and reduce any inflammatory responses.

Histamine is the bottom line about all the above. Bottom of that is YOUR GUTS. So I’ve been months and months and months desperate for a GUTS solution. Tried SEED, and realized recently that wasn’t for me (Histamine). So I started using Psyllium Husk Powder in my homemade waffles and so far everything is so much better having a couple of them for my first breakfast (allulose maple flavored syrup on top) — this is not KETO, I’m eating more carbs for now.

I’m going to make Whole Spelt bread with Psyllim Husk Powder to have something to toast to go with eggs once I start that for breakfast again (stopped on eating eggs for breakfast when I started low histamine trial). Anyhow Spelt is ground by me, is an ancient grain, not hybrid or modern, and lower in gluten, what I adopted many years ago on purpose, and also grind Kamut (a very low gluten ancient grain.) I make quick breads with that.

Astaxanthin was the first supplement that I really liked and have taken it for awhile. Maca and Ashwa Gandha are pretty nice too (though both associated with night shades.) I stopped taking them for many months but now I take them both again.

Acceptable Sweetners:

My KETO doesn’t believe in alternative sweeteners that can cause distress to the intestines. Acceptable ones always in moderation.

  • Allulose
  • Monk Fruit

That doesn’t mean mixes of those above with other sweetners, it means them alone or them together but no other sweeteners.

Note: Oct 8, 2022 – I don’t go crazy keeping like this every day, a tiny bit of honey, sugar, every so often, but I can’t have full blown maple syrup (almost can’t believe how much I loved it before,) for instance, I can only stand my own allulose maple flavored syrup on whatever. I am very careful to not indulge much of anything though (even allulose.)

Always Read the Ingredients List

This is me since day 1 of looking at food in a grocery store (so many years ago.) Every can, jar, bag, box.

Learn to start avoiding most processed food. Real food is whole food. Non-GMO is an absolute. Organic with all the right ideas with it. Uncured meat. No Nitrates. Finding the right things can be difficult, but when you do find them, such pleasure to buy it!

How to become a KETO lifestyle eater

Start by limiting carbs and cutting them down like fiends. Get serious about learning what to eat on a KETO lifestyle diet and dig in. Eggs, cheese, cream, butter, ghee, beef, chicken, turkey, pork, nuts, seeds, lettuces, avocados, olive oil, avocado oil … and on and on so much more and what you can do with all the ingredients.

Obviously I say, this is good, but must address guts and histamine if that is an issue still after KETO helps but …

So gluten free isn’t really a problem to be, it’s carb low that is impossible if changing guts and histamine to improve everything to have one’s body actually use the food it eats (nutrition) and burns fat again finally.

Come to terms with eating alone

No one in the family wants to eat this way but me. It’s OK. Just do that.

Note: Oct 8, 2022 – Eat when wake up, and til’ around 3pm (latest 6:30pm), then no more. That’s my schedule. ( With an off day or two now and then.)

Looking forward to the holiday season, I will not overindulge but try to really have a lot of anti-histamine food with carb/sugar careful consideration on those feasting days. Feeling like shite from celebrating is for the birds.