Our first Nintendo console was NES. My husband and I were married in 1992, we got it sometime after that, not sure exactly of when. We also had a Gameboy, which I considered mine. I still have it, though my children have trashed it (not respecting it) as they have grown up. It no longer works.

We got an SNES later, but not much later. I relegate history with our consoles knowing it was before we had a computer. We got a home computer in September 1995. So we had the NES and Gameboy first, then added the SNES.

I still have my Gameboy original cartridges, and some of our SNES cartridges (more of each might be buried in storage.) I think there could be some NES cartridges somewhere too.

We no longer have our NES console. It broke long ago. It had the problem of having to jam the cartridge in and then slam it down. Things like that aren’t fun to use. Anyhow, you can see how it would break further with such treatment, which was just to get Roger Clemens Baseball or Tetris or Galaga, all on NES, to load.

We had our SNES console still. Sometime when my first three children were smaller we had gotten the SNES out and hooked it up to play Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country, etc. It’s now missing, probably thrown away (I didn’t, wouldn’t) as a chunk of plastic had broken off of the case (my rough children.)

It’s been quite awhile now since that was the case. I have considered finding another SNES console, looked online, plenty available. There are places more local we can get them too. We were driving back from getting some fireworks for the 4th just the other week, and decided to go the Flea Market in the Gainesville, GA area (had never gone before.)

In the Flea Market we found many old SNES consoles for sale. We settled on one and got some games too. The console is not exactly like the one we had. We had one that was gray and purple in the 90’s. The one we have looks more in coloring like the NES, old and dirty. There is some of the familiar gray plastic on it, it looks good. It’s that horrid NES brownish stuff that dates consoles so much. So this is a different one, either older or refurbed sometime in is history. I don’t know for sure, I haven’t looked that information up to know anything about it.

I do know that the SNES we bought works. It’s been fun using it. I have it connected in our bedroom. We bought some cartridges for SNES & Gameboy from the same Flea Market vendor. One I already had (didn’t remember it was in the box of the ones we have out, thought it was buried in storage,) and one I already had on Gameboy, but didn’t remember I did, which is fine anyhow, as the way I use the Gameboy cartridges is different than just using it with “Gameboy” handhelds.

Which brings us to the actual cartridges I know I have:

Roger Clemens Baseball
Space Invaders

Super Mario World
Donkey Kong Country
NCAA Football
… and the most special cartridge of all:
Super Gameboy (I used to and STILL DO love this cartridge!)

I know I had Tetris on Gameboy, but can’t find the cartridge. I know we have Donkey Kong Country 2, and other Mario titles, but can’t find them.

So what we bought was:
SNES Super Mario World — so now we have two SNES of this title, not un-useful since each title has just 3 slots.

SNES The Legend Of Zelda

SNES Roger Clemens Baseball

SNES Mario Paint (the whole kit, looks hardly used, if at all)

Gameboy Tetris

as well as two other titles that are actually NES. We didn’t think about it at the time, just were exited about them since they were in boxes and looked well cared for, nearly perfect, just some inside box lid tabs worn shabby. Obviously the boxes weren’t the right shape, but being very tired and very excited to find “Super Mario 3” and “The Legend Of Zelda: Links Journey” (gorgeous gold cartridge) both in boxes … we snapped them up for $5 each. The other cartridge were $3 approximately, with the SNES console being $25 and the dealer gave us the Mario Paint set with that.

Eventually we’ll get an FC Twin console to play any NES titles we have. I know we have some, just don’t know where they’ve gone, into what box, where, etc. There are other Gameboy cartridges too, just can’t quite recall what.

Funny thing about the Gameboy Tetris cartridge, it had an “M” in blue sharpie marker on the back. I swear that it looks so familiar, like I had done that to mine, which I would have since it was a PRIZED cartridge, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tetris. Since I can’t find my own cartridge, I can only assume it’s my original cartridge, somehow. Yeah, yeah, not really, but it sure SEEMS like it. As if it’s something from a parallel world … somehow it got into this world of mine. It’s mine, but from a parallel world. Hmmm.

More about Gameboy games with Super Gameboy
Gameboy Space Invaders on Super Gameboy in SNES is nice. It’s a lot of fun anywhere, but in SNES with Super Gameboy, the arcade version is available and makes for 2 Player fun.

Gameboy Tetris on Super Gameboy in SNES is classic fun. High scores aren’t saved forever. If you turn the SNES console “Off” the scores are wiped. So if you get some good scores, take a picture of it to prove it. Easier to do that today than back in 1994. (Yes we had camera’s back then, film cameras, not something to waste film on.)

Gameboy Roger Clemens Baseball in SNES shows 2-player ability, but that isn’t the case IRL. (Hence SNES Roger Clemens Baseball not being redundant)

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