My new Wayfarer Frames

I bought a pair of RayBan Folding Wayfarer – RB 4105 – (Tortoise 710B) Sunglasses on ebay in order to HOPEFULLY get my broken frame lenses [the glasses I had made in January, in frames I didn’t want, arm broke off last week] put into them.

The package arrived today. Very nice frames and case.

RB 4105 710B

Hubby is out of town, returning tomorrow and says he’ll take my stuff somewhere and see if they can do it.

The Folding Wayfarer glasses are so nice. I have a older black pair that folds into a square with a square case. These new ones don’t fold down into a total square package, but have a lovely case they fit in partly folded. They feel great on, just like every Wayfarer feels for me.

It’s been my desire to have my corrective lenses in a Wayfarer frame, so this is hopefully going to work, transferring my lenses … not sure if the size and shape is right but fingers are crossed, they look awfully close.

I wish I had looked at ebay in January to find the frames I wanted in the first place. Oh well.

Worst case for this situation is I have to get new lenses made for these frames. Cost prohibitive at this point. My old glasses aren’t very old, lenses just fine, Transition lenses, I need them in a frame I can stand to wear that is durable and stylish which equals Ray Ban Folding Wayfarer for me.

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