My Folding Wayfarers Glasses

My glasses arrived on Monday. It’s so nice to have a full pair of Transitions glasses again.

Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarer’s are the sunglasses I’ve loved for years, so getting a new pair in Tortoiseshell for my first pair of main glasses is what I did. (I also have a new pair of black folding wayfarers that I want to get made into full transitions with prescription lenses.)

Remember when I posted my new sunglasses which I had gotten just for this purpose.

Originally, money being tight, we were trying to find out if we could get the lenses out of the broken frames into a new frame, they had a similar shape [lenses] if not the same as Wayfayer but … in the end I really just wanted to get new lenses made if possible, and was able to get it done this month.

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