Swirled Tabby

Samsung Galaxy Note 8  – SM-N950U  – f/2.4   1/50   6mm   ISO32 – Oct. 22, 2017
“Swirled Tabby” a Classic Brown Tabby Tomcat who is around more and more lately. He doesn’t want us to get too close, but stays on the porch alot, and eats what we give him.

We switched to AT&T Wireless from Sprint

We’d been with Sprint forever. Not literally, but for a very long string of cell phones … going back to before smart phones.

We were at Costco this past weekend, and decided to look at the newer Samsung Galaxy S8+ and Note8. We started talking to the guy there, who we found out at the end was the manager. Years of unhappiness with our service culminated with those moments, and on Tuesday we went back and did it.

I now have an Orchid Gray Note8, love it, but still trying to decide about the camera, yes I like the dual lenses and all. I was so used to getting great big pictures with my S6 Edge+. It had become my usual camera for cats to spiders to roses. Great close-ups, and the sort of bokeh that maybe I’m one of the few that loves.

I had this put into a large canvas print: It hangs in the living room over the fireplace.

Pink Knockout Rose, August 1, 2017 – S6 Edge+, f/1.9 1/120 4.3mm ISO50

Spiny-backed Orb Weaver – Gasteracantha 0 Samsung Galaxy Note8, f/1.7 1/5988 4.3mm ISO200

Spiny-backed Orb Weaver – Gasteracantha – Samsung Galaxy Note8 – manual focus, f/1.7  1/5988  4.3mm  ISO200


Pictures of small spiders with either camera phone I mostly have used manual (Pro) mode. The sharpness of that spider in the last photo though, and the previous, I had a harder time with my S6 getting results and don’t think any were like the last one, ever. That is an amazingly sharp and detailed Spiny-backed Orb Weaver on top of a blurry-ish sea of bushes and trees. Pinch into the photo, closer and closer, it’s the same. Nice.

I have taken and still take a lot of crappy rose photos. Many are really good, and few are magical.

Some kind of prolific low growing tiny daisy in our yard. I plucked several branches and put them in a vase the other day. Samsung Galaxy Note8
– f/1.7 1/60 4.3mm ISO64


That photo, I really love.  It has a nominal magical feel, homey, just really nice . That was in the kitchen, near a window, auto mode.

With all the gimmicky camera stuff in the Note8, all my photos aren’t so great in Google Photos now, where I do use my photos the most from. Live View isn’t that special so far. Google doesn’t put a copy of the full photo in that on Photos, only two of the “cropped” version. Maybe it’ll have a bit more use when going somewhere, I don’t know.

Hubby now has an S8+, Costco had a very good deal on that. $200 cash card rebate. Plus a $25 cash card rebate bringing our Nexus 5 in as a third line.

All in all, hopefully we have more up-to-date and better phones than before, and like the service more. Oh, and we are supposed to get HBO free for the lifetime of being unlimited AT&T Wireless subscribers. And that S8+ will be “free” in that we’ll get credit every month on our bill to cover it. Of course, all this is promised, we may have to fight for some of it with AT&T as it goes.

All these promotions in Costco end 10/5/2017, that’s tomorrow.

I got a case for my hubbies S8+ from Amazon. It’s arriving tomorrow. I will be getting an Orchid Gray LED Wallet Cover from Samsung by Friday. 30% off when registering I never shirk, but had to use Firefox to apply the discount code because it error-ed every time I tried in Chrome.

Yes, I love my new phone, and yes, I still love my S6 camera as well. Having a case on my Note8 will make me feel better (that feeling with a naked phone, brrrr.)