Master Bathroom Overhaul

Our Master Bathroom has needed an update since Day 1 (which was twenty years ago already!)

We’ve had ideas, and plans that never went anywhere. But then we started the hall bathroom last year, and decided to get a new cabinet to match for our Master Bathroom –there it has sat in the garage ever since.

This past weekend we got the old cabinet out of the bathroom. Yesterday we steamed the molding to get all the grimy off the edges, then took off the quarter-round, and then most of the sheet vinyl.

I’m going to put down a commercial composite tile, as I did in the smaller bathroom. This is going to be installed only AFTER I paint the walls. The Walls are the biggest problem, sanding and fixing things will take a while. I won’t paint until I have the tape and paper covering the molding and shower and tub.

The toilet isn’t going to be replaced, getting the sheet vinyl out from under it, getting a new floor under there …. quite a problem (uninstalling just to get the floor done right would be good, new seal, new bolts, good as new.) My hubby will have to be convinced of this.

Eventually I have to put more trim on the bead board installed in the hall bath. I want to get some bead board in our Master Bathroom too, so when we are ready for that, I’ll get top rail for both bathrooms.

The next project is THE KITCHEN. The floor is a mess and that’s where to start.

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