So far better than I was

Well, this morning I did 3 cycles of Salt (two 00 capsules with French Atlantic Unrefined Sea Salt) 30 mins apart.

First Cycle: 2 capsules, 1 Fiji Water 11.5 oz, plus 1/4 of another bottle. 30 minute timer.

Second Cycle: 2 capsules, remaining 3/4 of Fiji Water in bottle, plus start of another bottle. 30 Minute Timer.

— I sat at my desk in between First and Second, and Second and Third Cycles. I could feel something in me, changing, and it was rather remarkable, my absolutely worst depression ever, lifted beyond the massive wall which had erected itself around me for a week. My personality response was back, very tired, but I “felt” so much better.

Third Cycle: At this point I could feel the need to go to the bathroom pretty bad. So I took 2 capsules and drank the rest of the water in the bottle left. Went to bathroom and then took a shower.

A bit later I had the need to run to the bathroom several times as my guts practically liquified, but that was short lived.

I’m hopeful that the next few days will bring more change as I delve into truly helping myself more.

Last night we had a dinner which had crushed red pepper flakes in it … this morning I had found my tongue swollen and very sore on the right side. This sort of thing usually last for many long hours before fading.

I have been plagued with this kind of reaction from mystery sources and known items.

Strawberry, I don’t eat. My tongue swells, that was years ago. I avoid it like the plague ever since. Spinach too, cooked spinach particularly. So no, I try not to eat any of it.

I’m in the middle of a toxic fix, so I’m not ruling out the pepper family yet. I’ll lay aside from them for now though. Absolutely hate this swollen sore tongue.

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