Having stopped taking over the counter drugs of any kind for the most part, I have taken some of the Red Pill Sudafed … but only one pill, and days apart, maybe three pills since I started this.

I took one Liquid Advil last week, in the middle of the night when I had some horridly achy pain I couldn’t sleep well. Finally fell asleep and woke up feeling fine the next morning. That’s the only time I have taken any Advil, and it was only one.

I haven’t gotten any Iodine yet, and also I do want Boneset tinctures.


I have stopped eating most Nightshade veggies. Specifically Tomatoes I have had a better time with, but I love tomato in so many things … It’s going to be something that I have to stop for the time being, get things that will aide me, then later try minimal tomato applications.

Potato is another that I’ve stopped eating over the years here and there. Really I feel so much better if I don’t have any potato, but honestly I am really super German and Irish and English so … it’s very miserable not to have a baked potato, mashed, fried, browned, hashed, oh boy. Taters, Precious, what is it?

Bell Peppers, I didn’t like them when I was a kid. (My Mom wasn’t a good cook.) I learned to really appreciate Red Sweet Peppers when I was an adult, not having this is disturbing. I’ll try some things with these in minimal usage sooner than later.

I love many things I’ve made that I consider not American cuisine, Mexican, Italian, Thai.

Grains and Meat

Of all the things there are, my more recent Thai-like cooking is best, but that’s exactly something that I can’t make for the family often, they like it, but … so anyhow I love Rice, and there is a lovely Quinoa/Rice Ramen I can find at Costco, it’s really nice.

Already I don’t eat a large amount of things, but fish and seafood, keep it away from me. This means I really don’t have much in the world of food to draw from.

I love beef, bison, turkey, pork, chicken, in that order.

Beef first since I can have most any cut available to me. Bison second since Bison can be gotten sometimes, and cut is spectacular. Turkey, need I say more? It’s wonderful. Pork, pastured pork, step 5, yum. Chicken, I am sick of chicken breasts. We have that in the freezer, no cuts, just boneless chicken breasts.

So what can I do with chicken breasts … yes, Thai. Rice or Ramen. 

Quinoa I like too, but I haven’t figure out how to use it with anything but butter, stock and onions. 


Eating breakfast is something I always want to do, but no potatoes limits that, eggs don’t sit well most of the time, and cereal … most cereal is either oats or corn. I can’t eat oats, makes me feel bloated and disgusting.

Sometimes I make Cream of Wheat. I try other things, I need to get more Kamut and make my own breakfast cooking cereal. Texture is important to me, or the lack of a smooth texture is. Don’t like chunky, gratey kinds of cooked cereal. I don’t like slimy either. Smooth and creamy, that is what I like.

Yogurt is something I abhor unless is just an ingredient inside something, or frozen yogurt. It’s the texture. Eating yogurt is like eating sour cream with sand. Ugh.

So I like natural, organic everything, but I don’t like hardly anything in the first place. This is hard. I like green beans, peas, carrots, cauliflower, yams. I like some lettuces. I can’t eat spinach, it swells my tongue. I don’t like broccoli, it’s bitter as dirt. Don’t get me started on what I think of most other veggies. Yeah, I’m a supertaster. It’s miserable.

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