My husband called Provo Craft at their activation number in Design Studio listed on the “activate by phone” page. For some reason, she helped him get it activated when previous calls didn’t, nor did any help she or others offered to get it to “activate by internet” work … always outcome of “Error Code 3:” which means it’s already activated by another computer in their server. No matter that they “said” they cleared it and it’ll work, it never did. Others said nothing they could do unless we called. When called a couple of time it was run-around like, and they couldn’t do anything.

It wasn’t that we tried every day. I tried via email and via website support form fill-out with follow-up emails several months. Multiple times I initiated a new round of “please help me” and after awhile I did have 3 different people respond via email that they had cleared it and I should be able to “activate via internet” though never could I.

So getting it done yesterday was only because I got on the bandwagon again to get it done. I suppose it could have been done via the phone eons ago, but it just is something that went against us, it just didn’t work out the times we tried. So it’s done now. I guess my laptop will die or need to be OS reinstalled or something, rendering me with the problem again. FWIW

I have yet to hook my laptop up to my Cricut Expression, but just knowing it SHOULD work is enough for now. I opened a few files in Design Studio, and also tagged most of my cartridges that I own as “My Cartridges”, that’s it.

I have bad Fall Allergies the last few years, and this year is the worst of them all. I expect next year to be worse. And the year after that. So anyhow, I just don’t feel like doing much. Taking Benadryl & Sudafed (classic, not PE) & Advil round the clock.

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  1. Hello I have the same problem, I lost my number key of my Cricut expression , i change my computer and now… h’did they finally give you a number key of activation? Can you share me ? Maby it can works ? Thanks a lot, agate

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