Ribbon Cloves Sachet

Cloves Sachet made with ribbon and hand stitching.

I made this from what I had on hand, the widest translucent ribbon I had, tiny, just not exceptionally tiny.

I overlapped the two edges and back-stitched them together for the middle seam. Then I reinforced the middle of the ribbon back-stitching horizontally to act as a bottom, folded the ribbon there, and started to back-stitch the side edges, making overlap stitches at top and bottom corners. Once the first side was done, I added the whole cloves and a tsp. ground cloves, and carefully held it together as I stitched the second side and then the top. I tied another piece of ribbon around the stitched top.

Can be carried in hand, put in a pocket, purse, drawer … but this one is specifically to keep Mosquitoes away.

It smells so good! I’ve been so sucked up by those fiends the last few days, I had to start a natural arsenal.

When you have been attacked already, don’t scratch, good luck with that one.

Old green tea bad, keep them after brewing a cup. Let them dry. When you have a “bite” to deal with, I get the tea bag and a piece of paper towel folded into a small square, put them together and put a tiny bit of hot water over the tea bag, then press it lightly onto the bite for many seconds. I didn’t do that to two bites from a previous night, but did do that to two huge fresh ones last evening. They flattened out fast. Dabbed on some honey then and washed it off later. Repeat again later on if you need to.

For me I had repeated this morning, I can still see the bites I treated successfully, they do get a bit redder or looking more raised up atimes, but never did they make me feel like a monkey covered in fire ants, as the older two bites did.

Historically I am a mosquito magnet. I have what they love. Type 0. Now that I’ve quit eating and taking things that made me rather miserable (Tomatoes, Potatoes, Advil…) I am a mosquito magnet again. I wasn’t so much for awhile, people say it’s children with sweet pure blood who attract mosquitoes. Obviously I was more polluted before and now I’m much tastier than I had been.

I don’t know if I appreciate the trade-off. On one hand it’s just a call to arms, on the other it’s a wry smile. They love me and so I’ll pull out all the stuff I can to keep them offended.

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