Year: 2021

  • Last week of 2021

    Today, Sunday, December 26th starts the last week of 2021. (I know, some people start the week with Monday.) We are in a warmer trend this last few days and through this week. Finally seeing respite back to seasonableness in the 2022 New Year. I like Winter. I love building fires and breathing the cooler […]

  • Why I’m doing a KETO diet

    I am eating the KETO way, which was a journey from needing to solve the way I feel which I started in 2018 after realizing I was just so tired, my guts never were normal. Anything external just killed me. I mean go to Costco pay for days kind of kill me. I also got […]

  • Neighbor’s Ugly Christmas Lights 2021

  • The Monarch Of Our House

  • KETO Shortbread Cookies

    I looked at a few or more recipes for a good KETO Shortbread Cookie and finally settled on this one. I used Allulose as the sweetener, and didn’t up the amount because I didn’t want a very sweet shortbread. As it goes they came out perfect to have one with my morning coffee. This recipe […]

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