I’ve been eating KETO-like all week, very low to no carbs, and eating some protein, then even more fat … salads with more than one cheese… have been my main thing.

I made sunflower seed crackers, that’s just seeds and water in food processor, spread on high-heat mat and bake in the oven. My equipment for baking is really, bad. So some of the crackers are thinner and darker, some of thicker and darker, some are thickish and lighter.

They are ok with cream cheese and olives, I’ve used that as a snack, or to go with a salad. The crackers are soft chewy, like a sunflower seed would be broken down into a baked cracker. Not awful at all.

I made a cream cheese pancake recipe today, and used coconut flour … to add bulk and baking powder to get fluff rise. It didn’t work out. I followed directions. I’ve used coconut flour in AIP recipes, but never as much as today. I should have listened to my inner thoughts and used less. Anyhow, too dry though not dry. Just ewwww.

Next time it’ll be be sans any sort of flour. The crepe like pancake version in that recipe looks quite good. FWIW.

I’m on a mission to use every bit of cream I get to make good things, butter, ghee, mascarpone, then occasional cream cheese and whey gathering from milk. And use it all in my quest to eat KETO totally awesome.

Eating eggs for breakfast has been hard. I used to like eggs. But at some point I felt sensitive to them, but it was really eating them too often, and drinking orange juice and … just looking back at those 1990’s ugh.

So I have a love/hate and a squeamishness with fried, too brown underneath, yolk should be gelled not runny or hard, or scrambled, just right soft yet firm rolls of how cooked, too dry too soggy, yucky eggs, or an omelette that is oozing uncooked egg. Oh my it’s too much if they aren’t just right, and then it’s still hard … So my reticence in eating causes discomfort during the meal, but over a bit of time, it’s A-OK so I guess eggs are more mental than physical for me, as KETO has shown me in the short week I’ve gotten more serious about it.

Basically I wanted to to the ISH stuff. But it came down to I didn’t get it yet. Then I looked at more and more and more stuff and found KETO Upgrade and ordered that, then all the KETO recipes started piecing together better for me.

I need to get into better shape, and I feel better this week so far. I’ve started walking on a track around the backyard every day (well two days so far.) I did that over two years ago but stopped. I just didn’t have the energy for it anymore.

This year astaxanthin started me feeling better, and using MACA really helped too. So KETO is like getting to where I didn’t know I needed to go. 🙂

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