My laptop is not fixed

What a game this is. I got my laptop back, but touchscreen wasn’t working.

I reset Windows, erasing everything. Hurray! It’s working, it’s working, it’s working!

I did this and that looked up things, touch touch touch, it worked. So I then shut Windows down and that was that.

Next day, I turned it on, into Windows … no touchscreen.

I downloaded Acer drivers for this model, so many things. Install reboot, do this do that, sometimes touchscreen would work. But it wouldn’t keep working as good as the first time I got it working ever again. I changed display driver once, that triggered it to work.

I installed Win 11, I couldn’t get touchscreen working at all. I rolled back to Win 10, touchscreen. Ha. Then it was gone again.

Anyway this laptop, before it was broken, ran Win 10 no problem, and Win 11 as well, with no real problems overall. I re-installed Win 10 or 11 erasing everything a few times before the busted screen, and everything worked without downloading Acer drivers everytime.

Since the screen broke, it’s been horrible. Anyhow, my hubby brought it back to the Ufixit guys on Saturday. Got a call yesterday from them to tell us ‘it’s defective,’ they will order a new screen.

This is the third screen they’ve ordered.

Maybe I was right before, my laptop will never get fixed.

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