My laptop is dead

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My lovely, would have lived with it for a long time in the future, is now dead to me.

It does power on and log into Windows but I found a horrible thing had happened. I don’t know exactly when\what did it but something extorted decently big force onto it, the spiderweb crack center right, stepped on, or pressed on, really hard, like a third of the way from right to center but middle from top to bottom is where the epicenter is.


Cracks clean up and down and curved sideways and spiderweb cuts …. the darn thing thinks touching the screen is happening and and everything is sluggish.

The circle is one of the reactive spots, self touching. No interaction humanly done. Sometimes there are 3 or 4 of those areas going, and my laptop touchpad is useless with that going on.

It’s my Acer Switch Alpha 12 which I’ve had since 2016. It was a great little 2-in1 and I don’t know how to get anything that is going to replace it.

I loved the liquid cooling. I love the chicklet removable keyboard. I love the touchscreen, and the tablet-ness of it and the kickstand on the back of the tablet itself! Between 1080p-4K was great for me.

$699 in 2016. Find something with most of that, and price? No, I bet not. Not when I’ve looked at this in the last year or two just prepping ideas and seeing how things were going in products and what might be coming in the future. I have very little hope. So there’s that.

I feel sick over this, I don’t know what happened, never will, but will have to throw it away, it’s a lovely thing when whole, but fragmented screen and it’s reactive in a bad way, trackpad of the keyboard doesn’t seem to work right either. Tab-ing around on the keyboard is laborious and I used the thing as a touchscreen computer like crazy, I’m ruined.

The only touchscreen things I have now are a phone with a tiny scratch and a little hole next to it, and my aging Android Tablet and here and here S3 Tab.

Windows is where I can play Bejeweled 3 Butterfly mode which I love. I hate using a mouse, touch screen is awesome for that. Now that ability is out the freaking window.

I can play it on my big computer, and have, just really loved playing it to relax on my laptop. 🙁

I turned off the (Human Interface Devices) HID touchscreen in Device Manager, so it stopped being touch reacted but only the keyboard works and the whole thing is a volatile experiment for failure sooner than later. It’s difficult to use it with no touch at all. I just don’t want to have to use a mouse with it either.

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