Kittens growing up

The kittens we have are 5 1/2 weeks old just about. They are ready to be separated from their mother. Three of them will be going to someone for adoption eventually. Maybe they will take them this weekend, or the weekend after this one. (An organization that told us they would take them.)

The other two kittens are going to stay with us, pictured under “My Two Sweeties” in the photo category, the most recent picture posted here. I set them up in my bathroom this afternoon, and they are content with their own basket w/towel & kitty litter, food & water. Last I saw they were curled up nicely in the basket sleeping.

I’m keeping all the kittens well socialized. They’ve been with humans since their birth. They should do fine in growing up into being nice cats.

The next thing then is the feral mama cat, she needs to be spayed. Sometime after the kittens are away from her we can get that done, then release her again. She’s tamed down for this litter so very much, but she is getting antsy to get out of the laundry room now. She’ll be fit for bear sooner than later, I’m pretty sure.

That will be the end of this feral cat production line. Wonder how soon it will be until another one takes it’s place. Where we live, it may or may not be too long.

Testing Using Windows Live Writer to post here

I am trying Windows Live Writer on my Windows 7 laptop. I have used a similar product some years ago, but always seemed to prefer publishing directly from my blog admin section. I decided it’s worth it to try it out again to gain perspective on how different it is now, and how beneficial it might be to use sometimes. I do see the value of it in case I want to post something on a private blog & the same thing or something similar on one of my public blogs.




Picture added via Windows Live Writer. I chose Borders, Instant Photo ¦ this is a kitten of a feral cat that has adopted us. Smoky is nearly 1 year old (Apr 20). We had the kittens in our house since they were very young, they were born under our house. We tried to find homes for them but couldn’t. We got them all spayed/neutered in January, they have flea collars and 1 yr. Rabies and now are living in our backyard. Prince, Aurora, Marie, Smoky, and Tiger Lily. Smoky is pictured above. They love it outside more than being inside. We had to let them out since we have 5 fully adopted cats in the house and can’t keep 5 more in the house, and that feral cat has a new litter of which I am trying to keep at least 2 of, keeping them very much house cats from birth since their mother tamed enough to bring her into the basement & laundry room to birth and raise them. We are keeping her in, if we can, to get her spayed soon. The kittens are a month old today. So cute!

New kittens being born

The feral mama cat that had adopted our crawl space previously for a batch of kittens had gone away and come back every so often for food, and then started in the last several weeks to come around more and more with increasing time as time wore on, and was looking fatter and fatter and fatter. The past week I really thought she looked full to capacity and would give birth soon. She’s very 1/2 wild, won’t really let us near her, but has accepted us looking at her at least, when before she’d scat as soon as we made eye contact.

I was working on putting the desktop computer together this morning in the basement and heard distinctive mewing. So I got my eldest son to get a screwdriver and take off the panel to the crawlspace from the basement. (the cats get into the crawlspace from the side vents that the covers fell off of and we just let them stay in there …) I couldn’t see really well into the space, with it being rather dark the further away from the little light bulb by the access space I looked, but I did spy a dark blob far to the other side of the crawlspace. The mama cat is a black cat, green eyes, and longish fur, some sort of mix. I got my glasses, which I need for astigmatism correction and distance, and it was an animal for sure, by shape, and I moved some loose extra pipes around there for a little noise and the thing lifted it’s head and looked, and for sure it’s the mama cat as the full furry face with light green eyes was staring at me.

I hope this mama will tame down and that we’ll get to handle the kittens before they get too old and become hard to tame as well. I’d like to see what they are like and keep one if it’s a black girl, I love black cats, truly miss having one in my inside crew since my Samantha died in 2005. We’ll have to do something with the kittens, and the mama too, as she and they will only populate more and more.

We’ve adopted and rescued several cats over the years, currently have 7 indoors. Adding another to the mix is too much, it seems. I don’t really think so, just some others in my household have that opinion.

The biggest problem about having so many cats is flea control, when one of the cats we have was adopted as a young kitten we were assured she was treated for fleas and had none, and within a couple of weeks we started having flea problems in the house on the other cats and the new kitten when we’d not had any and hadn’t had to treat anything for fleas ever. It’s been a problem up and down ever since. Maddening. We have to treat the cats and do it every month and it’s something I need help doing and since DH is hard to motivate in the area of helping with my loved animals, be it cats or hens … they haven’t been treated regularly in months and months and the fleas and their eggs and dirt are just awful. So we keep the cats in one room and I want to let them out to roam the house, but can’t. I actually like to have 3 or 4 out, rotate who’s out so they all get to enjoy each other differently with us, without everyone mixing constantly. That is the way I think adding a new kitten would work well. 🙂

Rain, Rain and Spring

Today begins rather gloomy, but a warmer than colder gloomy and we can still use it. Rain. We have needed the rain for awhile, and this past week has really overdone itself in that regard. We first moved to GA in Nov. of 1996, and a year later moved into the house we now live in. We’ve been through 2 other drought times, with the first the worst, dragged out, and the next one everyone was so reactive about it, it’s been tough but overall it came down to looking at the lakes, ponds and rivers it’s evident as to conditions.

We get milk in SC from a dairy in Starr. On our way there we pass the major waterways that border GA/SC and I’m very interested to know what that will mean for our next trip (Fri. 4/01 or Sat. 4/02) — what we’ll see, or not see. I’d love to see that the brown bottom parts of the rivers are not showing anymore, docks are actually in water, and such.

All this new rain will mean that our yards are going to be overgrown with weeds very soon. It’s Springtime and greening up tremedously already before all this rain, and even moreso the last week.

Spring Sidenotes:

    Twitterpated Wildlife

  • Right now as I type I can hear Mr. Eastern Bluebird twittering in the tree outside my window. Blinds are shut so I can’t see him, but his soft & musky trilling sound is very evidently him.
  • Earlier I saw the mother cat to the ferals that are living in our backyard. Those kittens are about 6 months old now. They first were noticed with another in the litter and the mother last fall, when they were mobile but very small, living in our crawl space (vent cover had come off giving them access.) The mother stayed with them through winter, and then one kitten wasn’t around most of the time, mother either, but two kittens stayed. The mother has been coming back again more and more the last couple of weeks, and it’s very apparent, she’s expecting again. She’s a very frightened feral, but at the least will stay around humans. In any case I saw her this morning running to the crawl space access and trying to dive through fast to hide, but she sort of got stuck and had to wiggle that middle part of her through before her backend and tail disappeared.

Feral male kitten

Black Male Kitten 2

This black male feral kitten lives in our backyard. His mother showed up in 2008 with three kittens (they may have been born under our house.) She doesn’t stay here now, but comes back every so often, two kittens stayed here, and one we just haven’t seen at all, FWIW. They are still feral, but this one pictured is accepting taming by my 10-year-old girl lately.

Photo taken February 19, 2009

This photo on flickr.