Testing Using Windows Live Writer to post here

I am trying Windows Live Writer on my Windows 7 laptop. I have used a similar product some years ago, but always seemed to prefer publishing directly from my blog admin section. I decided it’s worth it to try it out again to gain perspective on how different it is now, and how beneficial it might be to use sometimes. I do see the value of it in case I want to post something on a private blog & the same thing or something similar on one of my public blogs.




Picture added via Windows Live Writer. I chose Borders, Instant Photo ¬¶ this is a kitten of a feral cat that has adopted us. Smoky is nearly 1 year old (Apr 20). We had the kittens in our house since they were very young, they were born under our house. We tried to find homes for them but couldn’t. We got them all spayed/neutered in January, they have flea collars and 1 yr. Rabies and now are living in our backyard. Prince, Aurora, Marie, Smoky, and Tiger Lily. Smoky is pictured above. They love it outside more than being inside. We had to let them out since we have 5 fully adopted cats in the house and can’t keep 5 more in the house, and that feral cat has a new litter of which I am trying to keep at least 2 of, keeping them very much house cats from birth since their mother tamed enough to bring her into the basement & laundry room to birth and raise them. We are keeping her in, if we can, to get her spayed soon. The kittens are a month old today. So cute!

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