Kittens growing up

The kittens we have are 5 1/2 weeks old just about. They are ready to be separated from their mother. Three of them will be going to someone for adoption eventually. Maybe they will take them this weekend, or the weekend after this one. (An organization that told us they would take them.)

The other two kittens are going to stay with us, pictured under “My Two Sweeties” in the photo category, the most recent picture posted here. I set them up in my bathroom this afternoon, and they are content with their own basket w/towel & kitty litter, food & water. Last I saw they were curled up nicely in the basket sleeping.

I’m keeping all the kittens well socialized. They’ve been with humans since their birth. They should do fine in growing up into being nice cats.

The next thing then is the feral mama cat, she needs to be spayed. Sometime after the kittens are away from her we can get that done, then release her again. She’s tamed down for this litter so very much, but she is getting antsy to get out of the laundry room now. She’ll be fit for bear sooner than later, I’m pretty sure.

That will be the end of this feral cat production line. Wonder how soon it will be until another one takes it’s place. Where we live, it may or may not be too long.

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