I deleted Chrome for now

Unfortunately for me, I had to delete, uh, uninstall, no not just that, actually delete files galore as well, Google Chrome.

I had to RESET every browser and it still didn’t solve my problems. Two of my scrobbler plugins were malfunctioning so badly, it was maddening. I also wasn’t able to login to PayPal one time and because of all this and the printing lack of headers issue I’ve blogged about before had me actually installing and using Firefox again, happily.

I could install Chrome again, but for now, I’m not going to. I can function OK this way.

On my tablet I had been using the Samsung browser more than the usual chrome lately too, since I have ad-blockers installed in that, which isn’t possible in Chrome on Android, the way I use my newer devices (no rooting.)

As it goes, my Sansa e280 has become a good friend to spend time with again. I listen for a while, Rock Box logs my scrobbles and later I submit them with QT Scrobbler or Rock Scrobbler, either works well. No trouble scrobbling that. But I do like listening to music from speakers loud, and not being able to use my mainstay method (Chrome Google Music, or the Google Music Desktop [that is a standalone chrome no official solution] )

So as I write this using Firefox, and playing music in same browser with my different older and usually OK scrobbler www.danielslaughter.com/projects/google-music-with-lastfm/ the last few songs of the album didn’t scrobble.

Hmph. Ongoing misery since my e280 has my own music on it, but Google Music is All Access and where much of what I WANT to listen to is.


Pale Moon – browsing heaven

I downloaded Pale Moon x64 today and I love it! I migrated all my Firefox info over with their tool and it was fast and seems right. First and foremost, FAST DIAL worked flawlessly and that is the clincher for me and a browser ever since I found that extension some time ago.

I like how Pale Moon x64 works, it really seems faster, and the thing I love, it downloads faster, absolutely. I tested a file from the Playstation blog. It was a worthy test, 63mb mp3 file. So, I’m mostly using Pale Moon today, and for the foreseeable future, as long as it continues to perform.

I tried a x64 version of Firefox before, and it’s just plain no good to me. Everything I’ve wanted has worked phenomenally in it today, You Tube, Accuweather, Flickr, Word Press sites, Google things … I’m using it right now. I love how quick my own blog sites, like this one here, load up so much easier, more fluidly, pleasant.

Firefox isn’t for “Modern OS’s and Processors” really. I knew that, only stuck with it out of comfort now knowing what else there was, until I felt compelled to find something else for another reason. I was actually researching trying to find another email client, Thunderbird has been making me upset here and there (so many lags right when I want to write something) and compacting isn’t impacting this, I do that daily or more often, sometime missing a day, but if I don’t open my mail for a day it’s totally unuseable to read or write anything for a few to several minutes. Granted I have many accounts in it, but I don’t get THAT much email. Au contraire, I just don’t.

Anyhow, I found a reference for Pale Moon, looked it up and downloaded and installed it immediately. Lovely, fast install, and even faster usability on every front from opening it, to browsing, to downloading files. I haven’t uploaded anything with it yet. We shall see when I have opportunity for that.

As for email, I didn’t pursue it once I found something that made me happy on another front. Email client search will continue some other time. (my feeling may change tomorrow when Thunderbird locks up with downloading and moving stuff…(all imap with old-messages) and I need to clean up something or just do something, I don’t know. I’m lazy with my email, if you can call compacting and deleting, emptying trash, and compacting stuff again lazy.

I do let my server move stuff from inbox to old-messages … but that’s ridiculous if it’s causing my annoyance since like I said, I don’t get that much email, and I do delete email, move email to other folders, compact, empty trash, compact, compact, compact.

It’s not THAT bad, just my “it should work easier than this by now in time, it’s 2011 for goodness sake!” attitude.

Uninstall Bing Bar


I found this when I opened my laptop lid the last two days.

I Google Goggles’d it (took a picture of it with the Goggles app on my HTC EVO) & I knew easily exactly what I needed.

I did see link after link to Win XP info, of course. Most recent thing that installed this month is “the Bing bar” so I uninstalled that (1. It doesn’t work in FireFox. 2. It does work in IE. 3. My primary browser is FireFox, the only time to open IE is NOT for searching. 4. I have a short search list: Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo.)

mswinext.exe is associated with today’s Bing. It’s not in my services running module now that I’ve uninstalled that Bing Bar.

I’ll update this topic if all is well or not. It’s something I can’t abide by: errors upon logging in, They don’t keep you from logging in, but they are there sole to bother you most times when it should go smoothly. Get them, eradicate them.


I’m trying the newer browser by Google “Google Chrome”. It is nice looking, very minimalist (something I like a lot) and it seems OK. I use a small theme in Firefox for keeping the interface small to allow more “browsing space”. The look of Google Chrome is flat and that is also nice.

I have a “view in chrome” add-in for Firefox installed. That will come in handy, just as the View in IE one does a-times.

I still use Firefox as my main browser though. 🙂

Indispensable add-ons for Firefox

These are the first add-ons I look for when I have a new computer, or re-set one up for whatever reason. I also set these up for other family members, as needed.


  • Xmarks (formerly Foxmarks) Save your bookmarks on their site or your own site. This is totally a cool/hot add-on since it works to have the same bookmarks on any computer you use this add-on with, and sign in with the correct info to the account you want to use. Set it up and then just add bookmarks as usual, and they’ll show up anywhere you have this installed with that account. For instance I have an old WIN XP laptop with profiles for everyone in the family to use with Firefox. I have my own stuff there, same as I have on my primary newer Vista laptop, and also have on my user account on the WIN XP desktop comuter. This bookmark add-on make using each computer so easy, same bookmarks and not having to think about adding the same bookmark elsewhere.

    Even nicer, the next add-on (Fast Dial) works with Xmarks such as if you add this one to a profile in Firefox, Xmarks saves those bookmarks you create with Fast Dial, and if you then add (FD) to another profile, when it loads the same FD bookmarks appear.

  • Fast Dial Make your home &/or start page a page of Visual Links. Think blocks that show what the linked page looks like in the browser, customizable number of blocks vertical & horizontal.


  • Reload Every Right-context menu, set pages to automatically reload based on seconds available on the menu, as well as setting a custom time. Useful for online auction pages, watching a flight status page for Delta for instance, and any other usage you would like to use a regular interval reload automatically to.


  • ForcastFox Accuweather.com‘s information on your status bar. Customizable with different weather “profiles” for different cities, and placement on status bar, and icons that are used, and how clicking interacts with your browser.

Social Updates

  • TwitterFox Your Twitter.com profile in the status bar, update via TwitterFox, view Recent updates (as Home shows on twitter.com/home) Replies (now called “mentions” on twitter.com @yourusername usage in updates) and Messages (Direct Messages.) If you Twitter you might like this one. I didn’t always Twitter but have started and love using it.

View page in Internet Explorer

  • IE View Lite A useful add-on for when a site just doesn’t render properly. Plus it’s a smaller version that does that same thing as IE View. Very useful (wish it wasn’t needed!)


  • LittleFox This theme makes the browser have as much space to view pages as any I’ve used, mostly nice, sometimes squashes some menu windows, but never messes up viewing sites for me. Basic look of browser is flat and out of the way, text-ish and basic. I like it, it’s not for everyone though.

These days

It’s been really cold the last couple of mornings. It’s been in the mid-teens upon waking, so it’s good to have enough firewood to really heat up the fireplace all day/evening. It’s what gets me happier to go through these still too dark days, even with sunny clear skies. Daylight is less than 11 hours a day, and my house isn’t very bright at any rate, and I don’t have a deck to go out on and get “what I need” standing in the morning Winter sun with my cup of coffee, as I used to do some years ago, before we tore out our horrible “french doors” to the deck, and walled that space up, to make room for the kitchen flipping it’s layout. We have a nice sliding door to put in on the other end, and no deck at all to stand on outside. Both projects are what I need done, a new deck, sliding door installed. Then I have my morning sun/coffee thing going again.

I haven’t been online a lot since many things happening here and there the past few years, but had a surge of more ability to get online when my last baby (June 2007) was small, but he’s been getting bigger, of course, and has been transitioning into a full fledged toddler for the past several months, which makes it fairly impossible to get onto any forums, to write posts there or on my blogs, to read much of anything. Not much ability to do much of anything on my computer, which is so needed, pictures, editing video as well, now that I have a nice video camera.

And then what just happened, well, awhile ago, the baby came to me and insisted on climbing all over me, so I had to shut my computer.

Now I’m back with it, but he’s close by again and liable to climb on me again if he notices that I am using my laptop.

Nice thing though is that I had an idea a few weeks ago to make my Thunderbird and Firefox programs start-up with windows, and then stay in the system tray, and whenever I used them I’d double-click the icon in the system tray and there would be the program, and clicking “x” or “_” would minimize to tray, thus, just doing either of them in the middle of my post would mean I could get back to it easily later. It’s made a lot of my browsing and emailing much easier, since I don’t have worry about load time and my computer is strong enough to endure being on like this just fine.

So I’m hoping to use my blogs more, and find something more valuable to do with them, if I can, write helpful things for other people more often. I used to do that on my blogs, and on some forums/email lists, but I don’t do the forum/email lists anymore, and haven’t had much time to consider things on my blogs, and have little inspiration for things to write at times, especially if I find the time to write. :rolleyes:

Something to add to this post would be instructions for how I did my Thunderbird and Firefox idea. I’ll try to get that written as a separate post, and I’ll refer link it right here. —> (when I get around to it, it’s now 2/5/2009 2:43pm Eastern Time)