Thinking About PS4 Situations


There’s a big thing I often think about: In the upcoming months the PS4 in our house will be alone. It’s going to be a nice machine, have awesome ability to have us game wonderfully into the next generation of games.

Alone is a big thing. Some games are single games, but so many are multiplayer online and if more than one person in the house likes the same games, that poses the question of: Can I Co-op locally?

Local Co-op

Killzone: Shadowfall is one game we want Co-op locally on. It’s not going to happen unless they release DLC or an update to allow it, and I’m not holding my breathe.

We have 3 PS3’s. Only 1 PS4 is scheduled to be purchased this year. I don’t know if we’ll buy another next year. I know I’ll be happy enough to buy games on disc and only have to buy 1 copy of said game. Multiple devices needing or wanting a game can become quite pricey.

In my house two of us wanted The Last of Us in June. That’s $100 in discs. I mostly don’t buy digital games that. I want the case(s) for one thing, and just love how putting discs in feels, and frankly disc games have more value than that since I can sell it to someone else if I don’t want it anymore.

Digital Content

I have a lot of digital content for my PS3. Older stuff I can put on all three of our PS3’s, but most stuff we’d prefer to do that for, we can’t. The rules changed in November 2012 to allow most digital content to be put on 2 devices. That’s one reason to buy digital vs. disc, when the software is able to be used by two different consoles and PSN ID’s at the same time. (That’s not always the case, so when one buys digital games they should ALWAYS read everything in the description, to be sure.)

PS + is about Digital all the way. Game saves are digital whether or not it’s a digital game. Cloud Storage for Game Data is awesome. On the PS3 it’s something I’ve enjoyed, allowing me to go anywhere on any PS3 easily. On the PS4 that will work, and it’ll be more than that. I’ll be able to log onto another PS4 anywhere and download ANY of my PS4 Digital content.

That’s where it’s sticky though. I know how the PS3 licence for digital stuff goes. I can only use PS+ on one PS3 to auto-update and all the benefits of PS+, so it’s similar to the idea of PRIMARY PS4 for PS Plus being one machine. But how it is on PS3 right now is I can put my content on TWO PS3’s permanently. On PS4 it sounds like there is no second permanent, but that’s not entirely a sure thing. Maybe we can do that, maybe not.

Multiple PS4 Consoles

If we had 2 PS4’s I would have PS+ and another family member would have PS+ –both machines would be covered. If I bought a game (not a PS Plus free game) could I put it on both machines or only on 1 and temporarily put it on another. But how that works seems silly … if we wanted to both play that game at the same time, like an online co-op or multiplayer … then we’d have to flip-flop which machine we’d play on. My content couldn’t sit on the second PS4 permanently. It’d just be a temporary situation, and I’d HAVE to play on that machine for that game session. Seems too unfriendly to families.

Easiest thing would be to buy the games digitally twice. Me and them. Sigh. Back to the discs we’d go.

PlayStation 4 in Two Weeks!

It’s officially November now, only 15 or so (whichever way you count days) to go until PS4 is released!

PS4 Package
PS4 Package

We have three PS3’s and won’t be getting rid of them. They have a high use place in our house. We’ll have one new PS4 at first, and maybe we’ll move a PS3 to another spot to make room in the living room, since our TV only has two HDMI slots.

The games available on launch aren’t the ones I most looking forward to play on PS4. inFamous Second Son, The Order: 1886 are the ones I most look forward to, oh, and WatchDogs.

I am looking forward also to playing LEGO Marvel Superheroes on PS4. I don’t have the game for PS3 nor PS Vita yet either.

Gaming isn’t the cheapest hobby. It is fulfilling, like buying and listening to music, or movies. These are entertainment things, but that is exactly what’s important for us to do, play, have fun. Enriched lives.

PlayStation Plus

PlayStation has a great program for $49.99 a year. PS+ (PlayStation Plus) gives you many games free to play every year on PS3 and also PS Vita, and the PS4 will also be included. The IGC (Instant Game Collection) is the current offerenings. Buy the subscription and you have access to all those games free. You must stay subscribed to keep using the games, but once you have PS+ maybe you’ll be like me, keep it going.

PS+ subscriptions can be stacked, so if you are currently subscribed and want to add-on to that time period, just buy another subscription with the same PSN ID and it automatically is added-on.

If you do let PS+ lapse, you have an ability to re-subscribe and access those games again.

Every month new games are added, some are taken out to make room. If you have the games in your Download List you can keep downloading and using them on up to 2 PS3’s and 2 PS Vita’s (but on PS Vita you have to have your devices all associated with the buying account, the PS+ enabled PSN ID, in other words. The same goes for PS3, but on the PS3 the console shares content with anyone else on that machine. PS Vita is one PSN ID specific user only.)

If you’ve been a PS+ member for awhile, your Download List maybe quite long. Mine is. I mostly “buy” whatever is offered, not absolutely, but for the most part. Even if I’m not interested in it, I or someone else in my family might be one day. So it’s there in my Download List just in case.

PS4 will get two new games a month in IGC. Pretty good since it’s a totally new platform, all new games! It’s not clear how many PS4’s we can use in one house with our content. There is something about making one PS4 your Active device, and then logging in anywhere on anyone’s PS4 and being able to download and play your games from your Download List. This doesn’t speak to whether or not we can actually have the 2-device download thing, like on PS3. I keep two PS3’s with my digital content. It might get a bit squirrely for a family if they have more than one PS4 … I do know that PS+ will only cover 1 PS4 statically, the one set as Primary.

Online Play

Online Multiplayer for PS4 will require a PS4 with a PS Plus Primary user on it. Anyone on the console can play online then.

Some Free-To-Play games will have free multiplayer online play. Most games are not even online play, so it’s only going to affect users who aren’t PS+ but want to play a purchased multiplayer online game.

In the past we had Online Passes associated with one’s PSN ID. This limited so much. Thankfully Sony recently ditched Online Passes for new games.


For PS Vita, we have Resistance Burning Skies on PS Vita Game Card. My son played it first, he got it for his birthday. He put in the Online Pass.

I can play that game, but I can't play Online since I don't have an Online Pass for that game. I could buy one for $9.99, but it's not that I want to play online, just would HAVE to to get all the trophies and platinum it. So I don't play it.
Killzone Mercenary for PS Vita came out in September 2013. No Online Pass. Yippeee! So if my daughter wants to use my copy of the game, she can. We have 2 copies.


PJMD for PS Vita!

PSN finally released Pixel Junk Monsters Deluxe to work on PS Vita. I’ve been waiting for this since February 15th! The Store update of Tuesday, May 22, 2012 also brought a new game Table Top Tanks, for $1.99. That’s troublesome. I don’t have $1.99 to put in my PSN Wallet, I don’t have anything in it right now, plus my son has a PS Vita and he has no money to get it with either.

In my case I could get $5 (if I had it) in my PSN Wallet. But then my son, he’s got a different PSN ID and it’s not sub to me, so we have to get a card he can use, so … it’s gonna have to wait. No Table Top Tanks for us, for the while.

Pixel Junk Monsters Deluxe was the one title in their PSP catalog that I wanted for sure. I love the soundtrack, it looks* and sounds* good on the PS Vita. If you don’t have it yet, get it, only $9.99 now. There is another I’d like, which is Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake. There’s a mini, Fieldrunners. I don’t really want that Fieldrunners though. I do, I don’t. I want a made for PS Vita version, like Fieldrunners HD, but with the maps from the PSN Mini version. Best of both worlds.

Fieldrunners is made by Subatomic Studios. I have tweeted back and forth about it for Android, DLC is coming soon, they say, they said, long ago. Still nothing. Fieldrunners HD for Android is a nice game, but it needs more maps! Fieldrunners Mini on PSN doesn’t run on the PS Vita yet, but on PS3 and PSP it’s good, but sloooowwwwww. Fieldrunners HD is way faster. I want that fastness on my PS Vita, crystal graphics, and all the maps. Oh, yeah, touch screen too. Thank you very much. Both worlds available though. All the Maps, Fastness, Prettiness, Touch Screen controls plus ability to use sticks/d-pad/buttons if one desires. Is that asking too much? Nope.

I bought all three games long ago on my PSP … it’s nice that I can put them on my PS Vita just by downloading them, not having to pay again. It’s something though, I’d love to see touch screen stuff added to some of these games, I’d pay an upgrade fee. Yes, I would.

Unfortunately I cannot take Screenshots in PJMD on my PS Vita. So no pictures for now.

* Santa Monica Studio
* Q Games

* Otograph

Tomorrow is Vitaday!

It’s the beginning of the rest of the world Launch of the PS Vita by Sony (PlayStation) … February 15th the First Edition Bundle (3g+WiFi) is available, with the full launch on February 22, 2012.

The PS Vita is a really nice device, it’s very desired in our house. Touch screen and dual analog sticks are the two things that are tops, the bottom touch pad is bonus, and the OLED screen is an added bonus. It’ll be cool to finally hold it at home and let our PSP’s get a look at it’s much more Savvy relative.

Vitaday, Vitauary 15, 2012. That’s tomorrow’s date.

Advanced Thought Process – Thinking Aloud about PS Vita

Today is February 10. It’s been a fast month so far, and that is solely because of February 15th, which is Vita Day! We’ve been looking forward to this day (without knowing for sure it would be this long at the outset) for just over a year. We watch the introduction of the NGP via Sony’s broadcast of their press conference on the internet in the browser, January 2011. Yes, we watched it ‘live’ but the exact date isn’t what I’m going for here.

We had planned for [ what became the PS Vita ] to be Christmas presents for me and my eldest son. All year we looked forward to that, only to be totally blown to pieces when they announced an early 2012 launch for the whole world, but a December 2011 launch in Japan. Oh well, we picked up the pieces and found other things to wish for, for Christmas 2011.

All in all, I was sold on the new device via the internet that January 2011. It’s sleek but not TOO sleek, it’s not skinny by any perspective. It has the nicest light heft feeling when holding it (I got to play around with one in December 2011 at a PS Vita Mall Event.) The OLED screen is bright, colorful, deep, wonderful.

My PSP is good. But it looks so dull, on any brightness setting, compared to the OLED PS Vita. I haven’t done a side by side comparison yet. I don’t have an actual PS Vita in my house. I didn’t carry my PSP around with me to compare it at the mall either. Having them side by side in less than a week will be nice.

Some people online are writing about getting their pre-orders of the PS Vita shipped already, but that was a mistake and halted. Lucky them.

In any case, we have them pre-ordered at a brick store. We’ll pay for them on the 15th. I’m hoping we can get some accessories and games too. There are not a lot of games we are interested in right away. There are a few.

In the 1st Edition Bundle there is a case, the PS Vita, a 4g Card, and Little Deviants game. That game isn’t one I’d pick exactly, but it’s not un-welcomed. For me I often just won’t play something unless there is a reason that I find out about it that will drive me to wish to play. Simply being “popular” isn’t the thing. Actually, that’s exactly a mark against something ­čÖé

The Vita will also come with 6 AR cards. It’s capable of playing AR games with those cards, and also can do WAR without the cards in AR games. With the PS Vita there are 3 free downloadable games officially announced to work with the cards, and I guess WAR as well.

Cliff Diving, Tabletop Soccer, and Fireworks.

I’ve seen others posting on blogs about how they are not impressed, the games look boring, whatever, cheap.

Well they aren’t impressed, that’s too bad. I know it’s cool to get things that are novel, for awhile. Is this novel? Yes. Is it something that’ll stick around? Well, it is already around. There are AR games for the PSP, for instance, with a camera add-on. Other things exist.

Kind of how 3D is not new, but still novel, not widespread, will stay novel … until holodecks arrive. AR and WAR will be more popular I think, and be a bridge to those holodecks. ­čÖé

I’m looking forward to the Fireworks game. I love fireworks. It’ll be fun. We’ll see how long that lasts. I’ll try and be sure to post my thoughts on all of this later, once the PS Vita and all that gaming is in my grasp.

The thing about the PS Vita that is really nice: Trophy support. Games for the portable now can have real trophies that sync with one’s true PSN Trophy List. Integration. Woo! Hoo!

What games will have trophies? That’s up to the game devs. I am interested in the AR Suite games, will they have trophies? No word on that, so either they do or they don’t. Either/Or with a hedged bet towards the latter.

There’s a game I’m interested in. It’s something that is fantasy and it’s just something I bet would have certain folks up in arms about it. So, I won’t say more than that.

I like the idea of Lumines & Sound Shapes too. The new Vita version, of Lumines, and Sound Shapes is a totally new game, I’ve been following it’s development some this past year.

MLB 12: The Show will have a PS Vita version that will work with the PS3 version, that is awesome, but it’s cost prohibitive. To do that in the beginning of March, when it’s available, it’ll be $100 for both pieces of software. Ouch. I want other games though. As time goes by there will be more published. I’ll be getting what I can from BB & Amazon with bonus points …

The Playstation blog has a list of compatible PSN games with the PS Vita, it’s not a final list, but it’s missing all the digital full PSP games we’ve bought, and lists SOME of the mini’s I got from PSN Plus for free, and some of the ones I bought outright, but not all of it, not by far.

I wanted to play Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake, as well as Savage Moon: The Hera Campaign. We’ll see.

Now a thing that would be necessary to have is Pixel Junk Monsters Deluxe. I’d prefer Pixel Junk Monsters Super Deluxe for PS Vita. Anyhow, the Pixel Junk Monsters Deluxe page from Q Games has a PSP –> Vita vertical symbol on the bottom right of the page. No word anywhere that I can find about it being re-done for the Vita or anything though. PJMD is not on the playstation blog list. I have also read about those with Vita’s already in the US cannot download PJMD from the Vita store, it’s not compatible, they are told.

There are also lots of apps for the PS Vita, a camera with video support now. I’m just waiting for a Get Glue app. I need to suggest that on their site. I’ve been spending more time in the PS forums of late, instead of doing stuff like that. FWIW

Playstation Site

Starhawk Public Beta & PS3

I was invited to the Starhawk Private Beta in 2011, thus automatically included in the Starhawk Public Beta right away, though I’d have been anyhow since I’m PS Plus. One of my children had gotten an invite to Starhawk Private Beta also, so he’s in with the Public Beta too.

No other family members have been able to play it yet. Still another month before it’s truly open to the public without invite. FWIW that’s fine with me ­čśë

There are troubles in our house about where the PS3’s are and who can play what, or when. There are obliging rules that just are common sense, ask or tell intentions, or ask or something else. Like, I have the 2nd PS3 in my craftroom/office with my Playstation Monitor. Makes sense, but it doesn’t make sense for someone to go in there and play Warhawk, go in there and shut the door, and not tell anyone that they are there. Then I go there to either play Starhawk, clean up, organize, or craft, and when I open the door expecting a dark room with no one in it, I get the shock of my life (every time it happens!)

It’s a small room, quite small. Not a room for someone to stand there playing a game and someone else doing crafting or organizing, I’ve tried it before, it’s just not something that works. It’s a one-person space, the way the electricity and internet are in the room it’s the only place to put the Monitor, my desk, ps3 is right there in the corner at the front where the door is. There’s a big table behind with a lot of my craft stuff on it, and then a big cabinet full of my other craft stuff, a file cabinet with the printer on top. That’s it, just crammed full. With me in it, it is comfortable. Some other people are way bigger.

All I ask is let intentions be known, ask for my preference. I’d say, please take the PS3 upstairs for awhile. Just turn it off, unplug it and move it up, then move it back. Please.

Or … kick them off the big TV in the living room.

So it goes, I didn’t get to play much Starhawk in December 2011. It just didn’t work out. I prefer playing with someone in my house, either Starhawk or Warhawk. So I just can’t play with my son if the PS3 is being used by someone else in my office. Or if it was out of my office.

I’ve told my son that I’d prefer they only play with the livingroom PS3 would be when their Dad isn’t home, or in the afternoons when he’s working IF they get the school work done. Otherwise they can use their handhelds if they must game. Leave the livingroom for their Dad.

I want to play Starhawk more. I’ve actually considered getting the PS3 #2 and the monitor into the livingroom so we can all play together, then putting it back down again. A pain, but not such a pain as having to yell up and down to each other. Also, it’s just part and parcel with my other idea, get the PS3 out of my office and bring it to my bedroom if you must play Warhawk on one of the smaller screens.

Why do I want the PS3 in my office? I have a place for it, it goes nicely with the PS Monitor, I can watch 3D movies there, invite my children to view one of the movies when I want to. I only have 1 pr. of 3D glasses. With how often I can use the 3D features, or 2D gaming, it makes sense to have it in my room. But it makes sense then to move it temporarily upstairs when Daddy doesn’t want to game in the livingroom.

OK, thanks. Anyhow, I like Starhawk, but would like to play it more, I have yet to even ever get into a Hawk. I never was comfortable in Warhawk flying, and still am not. I like ground combat just fine, and have much room for improvement. I only get better with more practice. Plus now my daughter picked out Tron Evolution as a game for me today when they were at GameStop looking for a DS and PSP game, and got 1 free if they bought 2. That’s a 3D game, so I’d like to be able to use that, watch the movie again, play the 3D game that came with the monitor(Motorstorm …), play Resistance 3 … lots and lots of gaming I could do there, plus Bejeweled 3 which I got for Christmas and haven’t played yet. And, there are other games and movies. I have a traveling salesguy husband. So my office is a haven for crafting, movies, and gaming.

The PS3 is a slim one and is easily moved to another location for sometimes if wanted. My position is viewed as selfish. Well, it might just be that, but it’s the only place that is mine, and I’d be fine sharing the PS3 the way I note above, I am jealous for my space, that’s a given that no one can understand if they don’t get it. I mean getting it would be understanding and understanding only comes when … ah, well, not worth saying anymore.

I just want to play and get leveled up and watch and do some more. I’ve given up having the PS3 in the bedroom until we get a 3rd. That means no discs to watch at night in bed. That’s OK. I’d bring up the PS3 if I want it, but I hate gaming in there. Have always hated it. It’s not my thing. He’s loved it. So it’s a compromise, he can use it there in the bedroom, I’d prefer it’s home base to be in my office. If it’s that big of a deal, then don’t use it. Or ask ME to move it for the time and move it back again. You don’t have to move it, just ask me to do it.

Starhawk is cool anyhow. It’s gonna be way better when it comes out as a full game. I don’t know if we’ll be able to get it right away, or how many copies we’ll be able to get. We need a 3rd PS3, it’s not just a game thing, it’s a wonderful Blu-ray player. So it’s not my place to make a decision, I don’t make any money. I’m a nobody. FWIW

(un)Holy Cow! PSN takes the cake

Sony is depressing me terribly today. I’m glad I didn’t go to their playstation blog yesterday, when I really couldn’t have dealt with it at all. I’d have thrown all my PS* stuff out by now if so. And seriously be considering the best way to … I don’t know, live without PlayStation, get rid of my whole love of PlayStation stuff and go to Nintendo, or … no, I couldn’t go there, or there solely like I could have with PS.

The stinking part of it is, I was GOING to get the PlayStation 3D Display and a 3rd PS3 to go with it, plus a pair or two of extra 3D glasses, extra controllers, and have a great office/craft room/playroom by early 2012.

Must re-think it all now.

My eldest son is 15, he and I are PSP fans. 3 other children are younger and getting interested in PSP’s.

UMD’s aren’t really being produced much now. PSP’s will eventually have no new disc content, only PSN ability and old UMD’s.

PSN content after Nov. 18th of this year (2011) can only be on up to 2 activated PS3’s and 2 activated PSP’s/PSVita’s

How it is right now, we have 2 PS3’s and we have 3 PSP’s and (plus 1 that is still activated, but we don’t have it, it was exchanged at Best Buy with their Black Tie service, but oops, forgot to “de-activate” it right. I tried, but it’s not done according to the one place I can see that stuff, the music unlimited site. [login with PSN ID])

How about the big plan we had: For Christmas me and my son were gonna get PS Vita’s. Ha. That isn’t happening, no matter how much we want it, it’s not coming to America until practically Spring 2012. (Where we live it usually is nearly Spring by then, and it’s close a lot of places)

Now if we go with when the PS Vita will be available, will we even want one? Before today, yes, but I was wondering how they’d change activation, and it looks like it’s so frickin restrictive that I’m gonna totally puke. In our house we have more because it’s 2 adults and 4 children, we all play video games.

I guess I can only play what I can get on my Google Android tablet now (or soon). I’ll be stuck with my old digital content on my PSP and whatever UMD discs I have and hope to God I don’t get sick of them or that the machine breaks.

OR I get a Vita and so does my son. No one else can have one and no one else can have our old PSP’s except as closed off things.

I’m not so sure I’m very thrilled with the idea of playing Dust 514 anymore, or Resistance: Burning Skies, or Starhawk.

We enjoy playing together when we can. We had 1 copy of Warhawk bought recently (disc) we went and found another right away, it was a lot of fun. We were looking forward to a third PS3 and maybe a 4th eventually, playing together online. We’ll be able to do it with Warhawk, it’s an old game, lots of them available in stores for $20 and down to $8 depending where you go. That one it’s OK about it to buy it for each machine, we get enough value out of it.

Not so with how Warhawk from PSN is, only 1 account can use it. Only 1 PS3 in any 24 hr. time slot can use it. Yikes!

It costs a lot on PSN too, so no biggie, we bought it for $8 each at Gamestop.

Resistance 3 is out now. I’d like it, was gonna get it with the pre-ordered 3D Display we payed $5 for holding one for us … were gonna get it in a few weeks when the Display was in stock. We hubby had different plans than I did, and Sony is releasing it sooner than originally they said, so hubby is on a different page about it than I am, and we will not be getting it until December at the earliest, so I am NOW saying, we ain’t getting one at all. Nope.

It makes me so mad. All of it together, or just Sony PlayStation Nov. 18th crapola all by itself.

How about this quote from the future: “Sorry, children, only me and your one of you are aloud to play this game. It’s not you though. When you get a job, you can buy it for yourself.”

We aren’t paying $59 for most games. Some we do and we only get 1 copy of them. Some things we’ve bought digital but it won’t be so friendly as it is now, any PS3 it’s OK for now, but soon enough it would have been alright with the 3rd I wanted. This is just so restrictive, it’ll end up hurting them more than us, I dare say.

We’ll seek other things and other ways and Sony will have been the cause of their own demise. At least they have shot themselves in their collective foot.

Wii Power Cord Freezer Trick

Our Wii system was working fine since I last wrote about it not working: until I discovered it wouldn’t turn on after I moved some things around yesterday. It either wasn’t working beforehand, since we did have a sudden house power down then on again Power situation on Sunday, or that didn’t affect it and it was my turning the power surge power strip off …

In any case I tried waiting and waiting and nothing worked. So I took out that battery, that did nothing in any configuration-al way I tried (amounts of time waiting with everything unplugged, or the battery in or out …) so I waited overnight with it unplugged. That should do it.

Not. Didn’t work.

So I searched online again and found someone referencing how the ‘freezer trick’ worked with her Wii power cord, so that sparked my mind to recall that’s one way to reset some other things, and I put the entire Wii power cord into a gallon-size Ziploc bag, and put it in the freezer for about 10 minutes or so. When I took it out it was very cold. I plugged it in and voila! It worked again!

Next time this happens I’ll try that freezer trick with the little battery first, to see if that affects it or not.

I never did find an actual description of what the freezer trick was in the case above that I saw the reference to, I only imagine it must be similar to what I did.