Mis-placing Things

Have you ever mis-placed something, looked high and low for it, racked your brain for the last true time you saw the item, and had that going on with two individuals, you and someone else important (i.e. your spouse) …?

Welcome to our most recent edition of that old story.

We’d been traveling, the whole family, hubby on business, and brought DVD’s with us. We had more than one trip, and kept things in order, for the most part, not losing anything, until this last trip.

Hubby and I have been getting the DVD sets of the TV show “24” and were/are on Season 3. (Season 1 and Season 2 went by quickly, and we’ve been stuck on Season 3 for awhile now, not finding it nearly so urgent a thing to view, FWIW.) We brought the whole set of Season 3 with us on the last two trips, and didn’t watch any of the episodes while on the road. At home one time between we did get out Disc 3 and put in into hubby’s laptop to view in bed one night. That disc still was still in his laptop as of Tuesday night (just a day ago, considering this being Wednesday still, though it is not, it’s now Thursday.)

This past weekend to Monday at some point we wanted to watch an episode and were looking for the boxed set, and couldn’t locate it on our DVD shelves, nor in my computer bag (where I was certain it would be found) nor anywhere else we looked. We wasted a bunch of time looking. It became a frantic search, in fact.

So fast-forward to the other night (Tuesday.) We were out on errands and for a dinner (hubby leaving the next morning for a business trip) and decided to go to CD Warehouse so I could pick out something (I located Cinderella’s “Nightsongs” CD –I’d wanted to find it before, but hadn’t spied it until that night finally.) As I was perusing the vast collection of Used CD’s there, hubby was chatting with the guy behind the counter and checking out what DVD’s were there. Of course the search went to “What ’24’s’ do you have?” and they did have Season 3, as well as a couple of others. We had originally purchased that very boxed-set at that very same store earlier this year. So hubby tells the tale that we had it and seemed to have lost it on the trip we were last on. So the guy lowered the price to “$24.00” from the normal $29 they charge. Hubby bought it.

Re-wind to the night before now (Monday). Hubby was in bed nearly asleep, we’d looked for the Season 3 boxed-set that night (as well as before) and were frustrated over it’s lack of appearance. I was fiddling with something on my bedside thingie (not a “true” nightstand) and something else moved and *flop* something fell over and binged my new bottle of lotion and it sprung off the top of the thingie and fell over and behind my old trunk (which sits right next to my bedside thingie.)

I am not very tall, nor do I have long arms, as well as being fairly pregnant — and didn’t even attempt to retrieve the fallen bottle of lotion. I tried to get my hubby to realize what was going on, but he was too far gone (to sleepyland.)

The next morning (Tuesday) I casually mentioned what happened with my lotion bottle, but I didn’t push hubby to actually go and get it.

Now, fast-forward back to Tuesday night, we had just that night bought Season 3 of “24” again, and when we got home and were getting ready for bed I brought up the info about my lotion bottle to my hubby and he gladly went over to pull it out from behind the trunk. Not only did he find my lotion bottle … “Look what I found” eminated from his lips, and behold, in his hands the lost Season 3 of “24” boxed-set.

So now we have two sets of the same Season.

In the store hubby was back and forth about buying it, and I finally said, “If you don’t buy it we’ll never find the lost set,” and how true those words turned out to be. Very prophetic. 😉

Westminster Dog Show 2006

Tonight is the first of two airings on Television [USA Network] for the Westminster Dog Show 2006: for ‘Best in Group’, and finally ‘Best in Show’.

Find info here: www.westminsterkennelclub.org/

I like many of the dogs and bitches usually, but almost always most that win these shows are not my choice … I am not judging as a dog show judge at home though, I look at what strike my eye, plain old beauty and movment and all that, what looks good as it’s own type compared to standard is not in my eyes, my eyes are only studied to true beauty, in whatever form it comes in.

So on the whole there are dogs I like and dogs I do not like. That’s that.

One that I’m usually waiting with great needles under me to see is the French Bulldog, and the one that won Breed this year is a Bitch, and that is what I want some day, a nice female French Bulldog. So I’m anxious to see the Westminster Group that will contain her.

[Westminster 2006 Best of Breed] 33 Ch Bandogs Jump For Joy

These are the Groups as they will show:










I like the Working Group, the Non-Sporting Group, the Sporting Group, and the Herding Group, for the most part. The Terrier Group isn’t a favorite of mine by any means, but a few aren’t that bad usually, and I do like some of the Toy Group, but overall just do not like most of them. The Hound Group I actually do like the most of the ones I do not like, and truely I do like many of them, just not the majority of them. FWIW.

Happy Half-Birthday to ME!

Today is what I call my “Half-Birthday”.

I’ve considered it that since sometime in my childhood, when I was aware of the calendar and how it worked. I know it’s not “exactly” necessarily the mid-point between one birthday and the next, it’s just the 6-month exact numbered day later date, which works out just find and dandy for me. 😉

Last night I was able to purchase:
Supertramp’s “ Retrospectacle  The Supertramp Anthology “, on sale at Sam Goody’s for $16.99, list price there was 23-something or other.

  • Retrospectacle Supertramp Anthology at Sam Goody online is $19.95.
  • Retrospectacle Supertramp Anthology at Barnes and Noble online is $19.98, or $17.98 for members.
  • I never had purchased any LP’s of Supertramp’s in my younger days. I was very aware of them, as I was a child in the 70’s, as the name of a Group, but for some reason hadn’t connected their music to their name then, and not until I started listening to 97.1 The River, which I posted about a few days ago.

    I chalk that up to maybe not understanding their music in the 70’s and that whenever I heard them in the 80’s on the radio I knew the songs, but not the Group, and that the DJ’s mustn’t have much ever talked about the song just played when it was them, and often didn’t talk about many of the titles and groups, and today they still are like that, aren’t they? I seem to think so. I find it useful today when a station makes use of the INFO they can attatch to their radio signal. Few do it. If they do, most just broadcast their station letters or “nickname”, and fewer actually broadcast the content. A very few do, and so if you have a radio in your vehicle, it’s very likely if it’s a “newer” model that it picks up the INFO and displays it on the digital readout (only if it has this feature, of course) I forget it’s exact feature name, it’s not important though. Besided that though, many or most stations probably have websites now, and accessing the website you can see what they just played, or what is currently playing, and maybe have other data as well.

    97.1 doesn’t have the INFO stuff attached to their radio broadcast, just the name “97.1” which is really :rolleyes:

    They do have a good setup on their website though, you can search the past 48 hours to see what was played, search artist or song title. You can display the “played list” via choosing the hours available to view as well. i.e. from “6pm yesterday to 12am today” or whatever other hours using “yesterday” and/or “today” only.

    It’s because of this that I became aware of “Supertramp’s songs” in attaching their mystical (in my mind) name to the songs that I’ve loved to hear again and remember oh, so well, like “Bloody Well Right”, “Take the Long Way Home”, and “The Logical Song”, though that last one I knew the song but not it’s name. Just another ground proving fact for the pathetic way radio does/did things in not identifying everything well enough. (I mean this because I am a music junkie and can match sounds and songs and people usually).

    I say this also because I’ve listened to 97.1 The River at home while watching the Play List on my computer. The list doesn’t show the “currently playing” usually until after 30 or more seconds of a new track playing. I’ve heard some old songs and ID’d them immediately, things I hadn’t heard since my earlier childhood, things that were good in the 70’s but didn’t last on most any radio station in the 80’s, where I lived then at least. I was in S. Florida for the 80’s and the stations there were pretty pathetic.

    So about the Supertramp Anthology. It’s pretty nice. A 2-CD set with a decent booklet which has an article spanning Supertramps career, and a listing of the songs on separate pages dedicated to which album they came from, and a small thumbprint picture of the particular album cover on those respective pages. LARGER artwork would have been nice. PHOTOS of the group would have been NICER. There are none. Oh Well.

    It’s great to get crystal clear brilliant versions of the Supertramp songs I love, better than the radio ones I’ve snagged via my computer. Also I have to note that there are other songs on the set that are very familiar just not totally familiar. It’s notable to mention that I’ve loved Supertramp all along, sideways, without knowing it. I love Roger Hogson’s voice and really prefer the Supertramp of 1983 and previous, but the later material has value still. I’m enjoying the music en-total and value the fact that they’ve showed up on my last.fm music profile, and are climbing my personal chart fast, which is possible due to a lovely 32-track Anthology. 🙂

    NSA, Spying and Fox & Friends

    [Thanks to DirecTivo! I paused and replayed until I got this soundbite written down just a little while ago.]

    Quote from Brian Kilmeade on Fox & Friends daytime morning program, between approx. 8:00-8:30 AM EST, Tuesday, December 20, 2005

    “… I heard this soundbite from Senator Harry Reid, when he says: ‘We just killed the Patriot Act’ and everyone cheered. And the President brought that up. And what does that mean?

    The Patriot Act was created to make us safer. People are totally gone off the rails in terms of the war on terror and the President is efforting to put it back and even if you don’t agree with it, if you happen to be a judge sitting at home with your robes and say according to the Constitution that I am reading that that is an illegal act, you CANNOT disagree with the motivation the President is doing by eavesdropping on international calls and a very concentrated effort on suspected …”

    This is the part I can’t stand: “you CANNOT disagree with the motivation the President is doing by eavesdropping on international calls and a very concentrated effort on suspected …”

    Oh yes I can. Yes I do! I disagree vehemently.

    Where is the motivation based? Does it matter? No. It can turn into any monster at any point, EVEN IF the motivation intentions for this are pure and true to liberty and freedom in the U.S.

    It’s not like that though. The point of the US is that back in Lincoln’s administration they pulled junk out similar to that for the day they lived in. It’s so very similar, what is going on today … not a pure analogy, that’s not the point at all, it’s not an analogy, it’s similar things, not the same, but garments all made from the same cloth.

    No it’s not “privacy” but the right to live without being spied on in normal life, Judicial Review, Warrants, etc. Without that, what’s to stop them from listening in on International calls that we make? I don’t speak on the phone much at all, but my husband does and we have relatives in Europe and Australia. What is the criteria of “a suspect”. For awhile now it’s been that “if you look foreign you might be considered …” now it’s “if you make international calls you might be considered …” and where will that end? Give an inch, they’ll take a mile. Just y’all wait and see.

    Of course they listen in already when they want to without warrant. That’s not the thing I’m upset about, the listening part. It’s not at all. It’s the “making of a suspect” that goes without Judicial Review and can make Private Citizens into enemies of the State in 2 seconds flat about any old political agenda of any day now or future.

    The movies and TV are coming to life for real. :veryshocked:

    Conversation Ender

    I saw this RQ on someone’s blogger profile:

    You’ve got to make contact with the alien leader. How will you tell when the conversation is finished?

    My Answer: Obviously the writer of that question has never been to Singapore. 🙄

    When the leader says “Nanoo nanoo” he’s done with you. I mean, if you don’t know that 🙄


    Can one ever tire of home made spaghetti, that being comprised of good Italian pasta, Angel Hair, and a home made sauce made from canned fireroasted organic tomatoes from Muir Glen, and good beef (no bad stuff in it, raised right, pastured, no hormones, etc.) …

    I say no. I’m in a cooking rut. 🙂

    So it’s for dinner tonight, was just a few nights ago as well. It’s the easiest thing for me to make. It’s involved, but really, not much involved. It’s about being good and seeming to be easy to make.

    I chop up onion (sweet like Maui or Vidalia) and garlic finely diced, into olive oil in cast iron skillet. Ground chuck goes in, crumble it and brown it in the onion/garlic/olive oil goodness. Open the cans of tomatoes, pour the contents into the pan, stir. Allow to heat up, stirring occasionally. Add in sea salt to taste, fresh or dried herbs like Basil, more of that, Oregano, way less of that, Parsley, a big handful of that. Allow sauce to bubble, the longer it does, it tastes better in the end. You can do this in a half hour, but an hour or more, slowly letting it bubble, is scrumptious.

    Heat up water and cook the pasta.

    Get out a jar of green pimento stuffed olives. Open the jar and pull out as many olives as you want. Take each olive and twist it between your fingers to break it into two or more parts and ensure there are no pitts left in any of the olives. Put the olives one by one into the sauce. Stir in and when the olives warm up you can serve it, or allow it to cook longer. Cook to your choice of texture, longer cooking breaks down the tomatoes. You can add in some tomato paste and water to get a thicker smooth sauce base. Or use another product, like strained tomatoes, no extra water necessary.

    Serve pasta on plate with sauce over top, or put together into a large bowl and toss together, serving from pasta bowl on table.

    Have fresh cheese to grate and sprinkle overtop each plate, if desire.

    I like Parmigiano-Reggiano, as well as Grana Padano ; but mostly now I prefer Pecorino Romano … all of them, though, in the best form you can find, whole pieces to grate fresh, raw milk cheeses. Parmigiano Reggiano is really good, but if you haven’t had sheeps milk cheese you mightn’t know that the Pecorino Romano is out of this world … Pecorino standing for “sheep milk” cheese, as opposed to the usual cow milk cheese.

    So that’s what I call Spaghetti. I never get tired of it. Not yet, at least.

    Um, I mean, You know, Uh

    “Um, I mean, You know, Uh” Um … these phrases and words have meaning, but I hear them far too frequently being used wrongly from people I know in real life as well as from people on TV and Radio shows, interviews, news, etc.

    I find it very frustrating to hear people who are otherwise fairly intelligent sound as if they have swiss cheese brains when speaking.

    My own dear husband uses “You know …” a whole lot. He knows he does it and is trying to curtail it, or get rid of the habit completely. Sometimes he or others will use the “I mean” or the “You know” phrase correctly, then go on to use it two or three more times in the next sentence or two, or more times than that in the same space of time, incorrectly, the brain fog stumble bumble ground space.

    I contend that if one can utter those sounds during a search phase for the right word(s) or during thought processing of the conversation and where it’s going, then they can learn to substitute a “blank space” for those phrases that do not sound very intelligent. This blank space is called “a pause” and it is utilized to allow one speaking to gather a thought internally and prepare it for external sounding, as well as allowing the speaker to direct the listener to reflect on what was just said a bit, as in “it is a useful thing I just said, so think on it a bit before I go on” which is an unspoken cue we all do use, I do believe.

    It’s purely that some folks need to learn to harness their mind to speak clearly. There is no need to say “Um” unless you are using an audible “Um” for a pupose of disagreeing, about to say something that won’t be taken very well by the listener maybe, for instance. This is a sound that doesn’t need to be pulled out for public consumption in converstation very often, let alone several or more times in a short conversation, as is used by so many people, just start to listen, and you will hear it. You may be surprised to hear yourself going “Um …. Um …. ” where you shouldn’t.

    The same thing goes for “You know” as well as “I mean”. There are other phrases and words of conversational offense that qualify in this category, but I’m not making a perfect laundry list here, only speaking on the major three. Any word or phrase that is recycled in a redundant, useless way can be changed, deleted from ones language usage port and thoughtfulness can be utilized instead. It takes study, practice, and continued practice to attain a cleaner conversing mode. Never let your guard down. It does get easier as time goes on, with practice, of course.

    I used to have a habit many years ago of saying “I’m sorry” often. I wasn’t “sorry” only used it incorrectly, too often, because I was embarrassed to speak a loud in some cases initially, and the habit just grew and grew, until I put my foot down and stopped it.

    I was aware of it throughout the entire affair. I have an internal reflectiveness (am an INTP) and this aides my ability to see what goes on and understand it more thoroughly. It’s the way I am wired to be reflective and to see the need for correct, in this case, speech, to get rid of the silly sounding speaking modes. I was young when I fell into the “I’m sorry” thing, and wised-up sooner than later. I am certainly qualified to speak to this issue of using “pauses” instead of “language” since I have gone through the needed replacement practice myself, and know it works. One has to hear themselves, recognize the error(s), and want to change, then do the needed changing. It’s much like any other thing, but it’s so easy to do this change, it’s a cinch if you just put your mind to work. Yes, all people can, regardless of their wiring, reflect inside a bit, even if they are extroverts, they can benefit from learning “how to” just as we moreso introverted people can and usually do learn to be a bit more extroverted in some ways that aren’t quite natural for us. It’s the simple, stop and think before speaking. Do this replacement pause learning and learning to speak and think at the same time, and reflect inside before spilling out the beans.

    Being under pressure in an interview for work, on TV, giving a speech, talking to someone important, these are the times you want to be sure you speak clearly. On the phone for work, talking to friends, talking to family, isn’t it nicer to have clarity of speech, to sound sure of oneself, not dropping the “um”, “you know”, and “I mean” type phrases so frequently.

    I listen to people talk. They sound great, make sense, then they say “… you know, …” and I cringe, wait, and wait for another and invariably once one comes out, more will definitely come out soon. These people talk for a long time with no problems, then start dropping those phrases into their speech.

    I will go on to say that there can be various reason for this, but ultimately it comes down to being a bit more thoughful about what you are saying and drawing on the silent pause instead of the audible phrases when those times come.

    This is the American Language I hear these problems in. I am not so sure about English speakers (Britain) etc, or other languages, do they have this sort of problem? Spanish, French, German, Dutch, etc.?

    I was watching Fox & Friends the other morning, and Dennis Leary was on (talking about his show “Rescue Me”, which I have never watched myself) and he started talking about something and dropped a “you know” and it wasn’t a for sure wrong way, but sort of “iffy”. Sure enough, a few sentences later a couple of more of them dropped out and I turned the TV off, and started thinking of a post to write on this blog. So this is it!

    “Natural Born American”

    Fox News Channel was on this morning, TV, and I heard them talking about the “plot to assassinate Bush”.

    A photo of the guy was on the screen. Judge N. said something about the guy being a real American, as American as the next American (he really said “natural born american” can you believe that?!!)

    The guy was born in the USA, but has co-citizenship with Jordan, apparently.

    That’s not American.

    That’s a different sort of “American” not the “regular kind of American” that there is. The guy went to school in Falls Church, VA. So what you say? It wasn’t a “normal American type school”. It was a pro-islam, the most extreme type, they said on Fox News Channel.

    While they said what they said, as I’ve noted, they don’t assess it as I do. That guy ain’t no American, the way “American” used to be meant.

    Think of the movie Gangs of New York. Did you see it? It’s a great movie. The fighting is between the “Natural Born Americans” and the newcomers … the Irish, the Catholics.

    The film is interesting in that, while I’m a fan of “Natural Born Americanism”, I didn’t side with it in the movie. The emotions of the movie tie you firmly to the Irish.

    In anycase, I use that as a comparison to contemporary America. I take great nostril-flaring offense at being called American like the so-called American/Jordanian. There are newercomers to America. I know about that. I accept them, with reticence atimes, but there’s just something about “Old Natural Born Americans” that I take kinship with, my kith and kin came over before most of the Irish influx. My kith and kin came over mostly before the Revolution of the mid-late 18th Century.

    Generation after Generation has been born here.

    Now my own DH is a first-born American Generation in his family. His parent immigrated in the 1950’s. God put us together. He took my pride and gave me children half “Old Natural Born Amercian” and half “Second Generation Born American”. The thing is, that means their 2nd generationism is diluted down immensely with my super old natural born american genes. Of course that goes both ways. But it goes on that it’s not wrong per se, since my kith and kin are from many places, and part of that is exactly where my DH’s parents came from. I’m glad to help another family dig deeper into America fastly. 🙂

    It’s not that I’m Prideful of having the lines I have behind me. I am thankful to God for them. He saw fit to bring myriads of people to these shores in the early year of colinization. They mixed and produced the first several generations of Americans, before the influx in the mid-1800’s. In their ranks was good citizenship, and religion, and that is what brought me to where I am. I am Presbyterian, Reformed. I had Presbyterian ancestors. Somehow that went into evangelical mishmosh to baptist –what I was born into. But God brought me out of that and to the Reformed camp in my early adult years. Learning of ancestors through genealogy work has been precisely enlightening of the long-chain-of-christians-through-the-years.

    My DH’s family is Christian, but just one generation back the maternal granparents and previous generations were not Christians, from what we’ve been told.

    We were sent some photos in the past year from some relatives in another country. I was thrilled to see pictures of my MIL, who passed away just one year ago. I also saw her parents, and the parents of her father. That is the non-christian branch. To see them was interesting, I see where the big calves come from 😉 I see that … My DH has a beard and looks SO MUCH like his maternal grandfather, great-grandfather, etc.

    So I am happy to see long lines of Christian families, Old Natural Born Americans, continuing on.

    I am also happy to have my family be a merging of things:

    Old with New, and Old with New.

    Old Natural Born American with New Born American, and Old Christian lines with New Christian lines. These things became one and will continue and be strong.

    I am only speaking of my family here. I am not making judgement on other families either immigrated recently or in the last 200 years. I am only speaking to the insult of having an Extremist Islam High School in VA and having someone from there born in the USA, holding co-citizenship with the US and Jordan, be called a “Natural Born American” like us.

    To be “Natural Born American” it means you are born here and you are of here. You are sticking your boots into the ground and staying here. You are part of the country, part of your region for it’s BETTERMENT, not for it’s destruction.

    “Citizenship” is given over easily to the babies of pregnant ladies. They just hop over the border and deliver here and call it “Natural Born American”. Pooey on that. It’s too lax.

    A True American isn’t just born here. A True American holds this country in their grasp and helps build it up. That’s why immigrants CAN be acceptable. They are if they hold the US in their grasp and help build it up.

    There is much that is wrong with this country, but it’s not destruction to tear down bad government and replace it with Limited Government. That’s only betterment.

    If Government would get off their duffs and reduce their size with grand excersice and diet restriction, we’d have a healthier goverment that didn’t stick it’s fat tush into other coutnries faces. That would earn us a measure of respect and we might be left alone. We might have more results with that, to combat terrorism. But the Empire Building Expansion continues. Hate comes at us from all sides. Friendly with China and Israel, in these things I hear our death knell.

    Make no mistake either. This post is not pointing fingers as the person/event that sparked the topic. I am not making a judgement saying the Ahmed Omar Abu Ali guy is guilty or not. I am purely, purely sounding off on the Fox News Morning show and what I heard this morning. They offered no evidence to why someone like that could be “Natural Born American”. It was a flippant comment and I was offended by it. Just as much as the cavemen who are watching the Geico commercials on TV are offended. Need I say more?

    Timing Out-of-Whack

    I am wondering where time has gone. It’s been since July 7. 2004 that I wrote here last. I am trying to figure out the ying and yang of what to do with this blog and site, and really must say, that date MUST be wrong. It’s not been over a month, let alone nearly two months.


    I’m truly MEANING to get the ball rolling. I’ve got cleaning up here to do firstly. That’s rather the most persnickety job there is, cleaning, which I will have to be forcing the blame unto — the reason I’m not doing much, and the reason it seems to have been so short a time ago that July 7th was, though it wasn’t. 🙂

    Jumble Bumble Does it matter?

    I’ve been neglecting this blog for so long. I haven’t meant to all along, just have. Well, things will be changing soon. More of this and more of different things, more, more, more. Excessive? Nah, but different. I’m ready for a big change and somehow will work that out. Life change? No. just online stuff doing being writing, whatever.

    I’m jumbled in my head and need to work out some stuff. That’s what THIS site is about, is supposed to be about. It’s been just sitting though, and not muchly done muchly of. Confusing, yes! Hyperthinking. It’s a good thing that can jumble up and needs to have an outlet. For some reason I created this site as the outlet to help me and others, and instead made it not help me nor noone in the way I meant.