Eight Years Ago today we had snow

It doesn’t snow every Winter in Georgia. Eight years ago, March 1, 2009 we had snow.

I remember how this picture came to be. My dear husband doesn’t like snow. I asked him to go out and act as if he was enjoying it.

(I reworked the photo shape and added text for this post. )

March 1, 2009 Snow
Snow in Georgia – March 1, 2009

Nook Personalization

On my Nook I added some pictures to the My Screensaver folder.

I have a picture of Geo. Taylor (5x Great-Grandfather), a profile of him looking to the right, with his sig. below. Looks awesome.

A picture of my Maternal Grandfather that is very long, taken in France while in WWI Army (78th Div. 308 F. A.) I cropped it to show head to down whatever 600—800 would allow. It looks awesome.

Then I have an old cell phone picture of my now dead cat Princess from some years ago on the floor sitting in an area of light from a window. Really cool.

I have a picture of Radio City Music Hall in NYC that I took with my cell phone a couple of years ago when we were there.

They are all great in gray scale, except one of a  painting I took in 2009. It’s too even in coloring\light\dark to work. I’ll need to change something about it to look better.

I also changed the desktop of the reading screen when no functions are being used. I made a quick file in Photoshop Elements, used a texture and a maple leave shape to put a bunch of leaves like falling down the page randomly. Kind of a pebble texture, a greenish color, so it shows up on my Nook really nice, various grays. Unfortunately I seem to have moved the original only copy of it to my Nook. So I can’t upload it to this spot until later when I connect my Nook next time. I remember that I didn’t save the original photoshop file I was working on since I was thinking I would make something else, not keep that file. Oops. I liked it a lot when it loaded on my Nook. Anyhow, I WILL make something else sometime anyhow.