Going to see Beware of Darkness

Today is the first day of Spring 2014.  Time flies!

Tomorrow I have to get up early and fly to Chicago with my husband. We’ll see/do I don’t know what, but we will see Beware of Darkness that night.

My husband gave me this trip on Valentine’s Day.

I really like, love, Beware of Darkness. I’m just not excited about it currently. I’ve seen them before and I’m just in a spot wanting to hear other things right now. I’m sure I’ll like it, once the time comes, mind you.

I have to get ready to go today, and I feel really behind. I’ve had a migraine since yesterday, it’s not as bad as it was, but it’s hindering me from feeling like doing much, though I’m 1000% better today, I’m still not 100% me.

Reason enough, the above, for dampening my spirits about this trip.

(un)Holy Cow! PSN takes the cake

Sony is depressing me terribly today. I’m glad I didn’t go to their playstation blog yesterday, when I really couldn’t have dealt with it at all. I’d have thrown all my PS* stuff out by now if so. And seriously be considering the best way to … I don’t know, live without PlayStation, get rid of my whole love of PlayStation stuff and go to Nintendo, or … no, I couldn’t go there, or there solely like I could have with PS.

The stinking part of it is, I was GOING to get the PlayStation 3D Display and a 3rd PS3 to go with it, plus a pair or two of extra 3D glasses, extra controllers, and have a great office/craft room/playroom by early 2012.

Must re-think it all now.

My eldest son is 15, he and I are PSP fans. 3 other children are younger and getting interested in PSP’s.

UMD’s aren’t really being produced much now. PSP’s will eventually have no new disc content, only PSN ability and old UMD’s.

PSN content after Nov. 18th of this year (2011) can only be on up to 2 activated PS3’s and 2 activated PSP’s/PSVita’s

How it is right now, we have 2 PS3’s and we have 3 PSP’s and (plus 1 that is still activated, but we don’t have it, it was exchanged at Best Buy with their Black Tie service, but oops, forgot to “de-activate” it right. I tried, but it’s not done according to the one place I can see that stuff, the music unlimited site. [login with PSN ID])

How about the big plan we had: For Christmas me and my son were gonna get PS Vita’s. Ha. That isn’t happening, no matter how much we want it, it’s not coming to America until practically Spring 2012. (Where we live it usually is nearly Spring by then, and it’s close a lot of places)

Now if we go with when the PS Vita will be available, will we even want one? Before today, yes, but I was wondering how they’d change activation, and it looks like it’s so frickin restrictive that I’m gonna totally puke. In our house we have more because it’s 2 adults and 4 children, we all play video games.

I guess I can only play what I can get on my Google Android tablet now (or soon). I’ll be stuck with my old digital content on my PSP and whatever UMD discs I have and hope to God I don’t get sick of them or that the machine breaks.

OR I get a Vita and so does my son. No one else can have one and no one else can have our old PSP’s except as closed off things.

I’m not so sure I’m very thrilled with the idea of playing Dust 514 anymore, or Resistance: Burning Skies, or Starhawk.

We enjoy playing together when we can. We had 1 copy of Warhawk bought recently (disc) we went and found another right away, it was a lot of fun. We were looking forward to a third PS3 and maybe a 4th eventually, playing together online. We’ll be able to do it with Warhawk, it’s an old game, lots of them available in stores for $20 and down to $8 depending where you go. That one it’s OK about it to buy it for each machine, we get enough value out of it.

Not so with how Warhawk from PSN is, only 1 account can use it. Only 1 PS3 in any 24 hr. time slot can use it. Yikes!

It costs a lot on PSN too, so no biggie, we bought it for $8 each at Gamestop.

Resistance 3 is out now. I’d like it, was gonna get it with the pre-ordered 3D Display we payed $5 for holding one for us … were gonna get it in a few weeks when the Display was in stock. We hubby had different plans than I did, and Sony is releasing it sooner than originally they said, so hubby is on a different page about it than I am, and we will not be getting it until December at the earliest, so I am NOW saying, we ain’t getting one at all. Nope.

It makes me so mad. All of it together, or just Sony PlayStation Nov. 18th crapola all by itself.

How about this quote from the future: “Sorry, children, only me and your one of you are aloud to play this game. It’s not you though. When you get a job, you can buy it for yourself.”

We aren’t paying $59 for most games. Some we do and we only get 1 copy of them. Some things we’ve bought digital but it won’t be so friendly as it is now, any PS3 it’s OK for now, but soon enough it would have been alright with the 3rd I wanted. This is just so restrictive, it’ll end up hurting them more than us, I dare say.

We’ll seek other things and other ways and Sony will have been the cause of their own demise. At least they have shot themselves in their collective foot.


It’s that time again, Fall Allergies are totally whopping me. It was a couple of weeks or three ago that I and my eldest noticed effects ramping up, so we started taking the one-a-day Aller-tec (from Costco) which we had used previously in the Spring (2011.)

Not long after the first ingested pill it is easier to deal with it all. Just kind of feel “normal” as however that is for an individual person. The last few days though have been kind of rough, more than rough, then throw in that my eldest forgot to take his Aller-tec one day and then yesterday I forgot and it was like this for me: I was fine all day until sometime in the afternoon I got a drippy nose and my eyes burned and were so watery and I wanted to curl up and …

I had to take my contacts out. It was so bad. I took the Aller-tec late afternoon when I knew I just couldn’t get through the rest of the day and night before getting another (at the right time.) Seemed like a good plan. Now I’m wishing for the time today to take another. It’s 5am-ish, so it’s been like 12-hours since the last.

I wasn’t bothered by it last night, once I got to sleep I stayed asleep, but I got awoken before 5am with husband activity to leave on a trip, and couldn’t go back to sleep and was brushing the watery eye stuff away, and realized I just couldn’t stay in bed, it was too sticky icky.

Weird thing about Fall Allergies, I wasn’t a Fall Allergy person, per se. Allergies of some kind bother me most of the time, but the HEADY version in Spring … it’s a doozy. I noted other people with FALL allergies just plain inundated with goop, drip sneeze. It was a quizzical thing, why them, not me? Who knows. But then it was my turn a few years ago, after all. So why is it also bothering my eldest? I’ve had a lifetime of environment differences and changes in what/when … he’s just been a baby in one of those places and moved to where we are now at 7 months. He’s sensitive, like me, but he’s just 15. So why do we both have FALL allergies the last few years, when I never had them before (and neither did he)? Seems a fair enough question.

Spring in the South

It’s springtime here in full force. It’s over 74 degrees F. today. Ugh. The A/C isn’t working. Par for the course. (It hardly ever works the last 7 years, sometimes it does, but after sitting for the winter & being used as a heat pump, it just doesn’t start the real A/C thing until it feels like it, posts here and on my other blog have highlighted those troubles at times.)

Trying to get some things accomplished to make the house better to live in still. Flooring is one thing, partially finished in the living room (most of the room) just need to bring it all the way to the kitchen and the wall and the steps, the harder part. So we are getting it going again by moving some stuff and hopefully we’ll get to the actual bang bang of the hammer into flooring nails sooner than later.

I want to just have a nice cool place to be right now. Every day really, but right now, right now. It’s not to be found. 🙁

Spring is really coming

Spring really seems to be here where we live. Allergies are up, of course. Just a bit worse than winter allergies now, we do expect them to ramp up more and more over the next month. At any rate, though there are pollens about, I have opened some windows here and there in the house. The fresh air is lovely, it’s not too cold. I’ve turned the heat pump off as well (didn’t want it to run at all, which it only would do at night, depending on what temperature it was set at, but don’t need that when it’s sunny and spring-like all day where our house is.

Our Weeping Willow is putting out it’s greenery. It’s obvious looking out the window to the 80 or so feet to where the tree is, green bumps up and down the long strands that make up a Weeping Willows branches, etc.

Looking at it up close, the Weeping Willow had green coming out a good 1/2″ everywhere. It’s just February 19 today, the 15 day outlook isn’t set in stone, but there COULD be some nights with lows around or below freezing, which depends on many things as to if it’ll be troublesome for plants.

Other things which are growing, our ornamental cherry tree seems to be readying the blossoms that will come within a month or so. Some other things we have, self-planted oak trees in our front area need to be moved, but are already putting out some leaves. A maple tree we have is putting out new growth too, but not leaves. All the maple trees are thickening their buds that will be their “flowers”.

Birds are going crazy eating all the berries created from last years blossoms on the ornamental cherry tree. They’ve pretty much clean off the top half, and are now working on the bottom half. (It hardly had any activity during the whole winter until this week.)

I am worried about the coming heat though. Our A/C has been more and more unreliable over the last 10 years, needs replaced but more than that, overhaul of what we need is necessary. I hold out no hope that the compressor will turn on the first time we need it. It takes money to have it checked out and we know it’s pretty much not worth “fixing” even if it could be managed to get more life out of it. It’s expensive to run like that, when it DOES what it is supposed to, so it’s either cook or be warm, rarely cool enough, but sometimes it does better (depending on sun or clouds, drier weather, etc.) –it’s troublesome because I do terrible physically with too much heat, over 70 degrees F. higher humidity kills any energy I have, I get really ill, and I’d give $1,000 for a minute of cool dry air around me, so it’s worth it to pay that much to do something about it that is a lasting change, and add more $ to it to make it even better. But alas, everything costs, and that is the one thing that is never considered, actually DOING something about it. It’s the last thing that needs done even though I NEED it from April 1 to October 15 at the LEAST usually.

So it’s nice that Spring is here, but it’s too soon. Summer is TOO close, A/C a problem. The birds are happy though. They get to build their nests, lay their eggs, raise their young again. That’s great. I hope I can stay cool enough. That’s all.

Rain, Rain and Spring

Today begins rather gloomy, but a warmer than colder gloomy and we can still use it. Rain. We have needed the rain for awhile, and this past week has really overdone itself in that regard. We first moved to GA in Nov. of 1996, and a year later moved into the house we now live in. We’ve been through 2 other drought times, with the first the worst, dragged out, and the next one everyone was so reactive about it, it’s been tough but overall it came down to looking at the lakes, ponds and rivers it’s evident as to conditions.

We get milk in SC from a dairy in Starr. On our way there we pass the major waterways that border GA/SC and I’m very interested to know what that will mean for our next trip (Fri. 4/01 or Sat. 4/02) — what we’ll see, or not see. I’d love to see that the brown bottom parts of the rivers are not showing anymore, docks are actually in water, and such.

All this new rain will mean that our yards are going to be overgrown with weeds very soon. It’s Springtime and greening up tremedously already before all this rain, and even moreso the last week.

Spring Sidenotes:

    Twitterpated Wildlife

  • Right now as I type I can hear Mr. Eastern Bluebird twittering in the tree outside my window. Blinds are shut so I can’t see him, but his soft & musky trilling sound is very evidently him.
  • Earlier I saw the mother cat to the ferals that are living in our backyard. Those kittens are about 6 months old now. They first were noticed with another in the litter and the mother last fall, when they were mobile but very small, living in our crawl space (vent cover had come off giving them access.) The mother stayed with them through winter, and then one kitten wasn’t around most of the time, mother either, but two kittens stayed. The mother has been coming back again more and more the last couple of weeks, and it’s very apparent, she’s expecting again. She’s a very frightened feral, but at the least will stay around humans. In any case I saw her this morning running to the crawl space access and trying to dive through fast to hide, but she sort of got stuck and had to wiggle that middle part of her through before her backend and tail disappeared.