Here’s why I don’t like Blogger: When I’m Hyper Focusing …

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I do not like BLOGGER. For people that hyper focus it’s a real let down. Why?

Oh you type and type in a great topic, fingers flying, and you hit “POST”. Well, you think you do. What button did you hit? I don’t know, it just wasn’t the one to get this post posted.

Gone again, good words, down the drain. I don’t ever feel like fishing those words out of my head again.

So I go to another blog and write about my bad experience.

I do not like this. It’s so frustrating!

Whenever this happens I purpose to “every time I type a post from now on, select the text and hit ‘Ctrl+C’ so that I have it in my clipboard if I lose the post”. And then do I do that? No. Why not? I forget. And there’s no need to, I don’t ever lose a post …

Until I’m frantically typing away like a mad person, totally hyper-focusing on the words and so thrilled to be writing, and then … voila! It’s gone. Down, down, I go. Plop. Hypo, and going lower.

Well THIS time, right now, I’m going to SAVE my post before I hit any buttons! [If I remember to before I hit any buttons, that is.]

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