HP TouchSmart PC 520

We got a new computer for the family over GA’s tax free weekend (actually Sat.) It’s for the family, mainly for education … which is every thing and anything on a computer.

For me it’s nice since I LOVE touchscreen devices. It’s a screen as big as my monitor in my office … 23″ widescreen. It’s an All-In-One computer … Intel CORE i5, 6 MB Mem, 1.5 TB harddrive, Beats Audio. It’s not the best there is, but it’s really good, and good for the price, $899.99 + no tax.

My children now have a reliable computer for writing, research, learning, creation, and fun. I have space to put a lot of my laptop files finally, and that will let my laptop run a bit better once I have that stuff moved. It will all be accessible on the network, so it will be right there still. Plus … I love working on the setup in the living room. I LOVE the keyboard that comes with the HP 520-1047c … it’s available from them for $49 as well as in a desktop set (keyboard + mouse) for $79. They are both wireless, and with this All-in-One computer the connection is built-in, nice. Buying them separate they come with a nano dongle to connect to any computer.

We wanted an HDMI game port on this and a Blu-ray drive or Blue-ray burner. None of that was available without custom order, which means waiting for the computer to be shipped later. We wanted one right away and had to keep it under $1000, and this was a descent deal.

I have an HP Pen, from my old touchsmart 12″ laptop which is totally broken, and it works nicely with this HP 520 computer. Finger touch works well too. Of course the mouse works … it has a buttery smooth feeling.

One thing that is fun about this is the Lagoon screen saver. I do miss the Aquarium though. It’d be fun as a touch program. The Lagoon one though, the water is touch able, it’s just novel and that’s that. Nothing exiting about it, just a tad fun to touch, draw the water.

The HP TouchSmart Magic Canvas is interesting. I haven’t yet explored it much. We’ll be ugrading to Win 8 when it’s available. I’m sure it’ll be very nice on this TouchSmart 520 computer.

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