Month: January 2018

  • Beautiful January Morning

    Beautiful January Morning
  • EDF Series PS Vita

    So I got the trophy for finishing Pale Wing on Easy in EDF 2 on the 21st. On to playing Normal with Pale Wing, and that halted me with 15 missions I just can’t complete at all by myself, not without better weapons. So then I started playing Air Raider on Easy …. ouch. OK…

  • EDF 2 Invaders from Space – Pale Wing

    On all EDF games before just recently I always only played as the Ranger/Infantryman … playing with 2 of my friends. That would be EDF 2017 on PS Vita, EDF 2025 on PS3, then EDF2 on PS Vita, and once we got EDF 4.1 for PS4, I didn’t want to do Ranger right off, so…