Ugly Spring, Spring is ugly.

Allergies continue to plague me this season

I’m having a terrible time with allergies this year. My eyes are gooey and I’m sneezing randomly, clogged up … dragging. [Every year things are different, constancy is getting stuffy, that’s my thing.] Dripping, itchy eyes, sneezing, this is that crazy sometimes allergy, but it is what it is, right now it is what I am.

Years ago I did the allergy testing, doctors etc. Seldane, Seldane D, … for a time. I hate taking decongestants all the time. So I dropped off the table of being a scientific experiment for others.

OTC I have Benadryl on hand for nighttime use only. If it’s bad enough I’ll take one tiny pink pill before going to sleep. Minute doses work best for me. Sudafed red pills, 2 is a dose, I take one a day, 1 red pill, maybe another the same day, but not usually. I just need to get the edge moving.  I had Sudafed 12 hour this past couple of years, hubby kept getting it, and through some cold viruses it was good to have around, but for my daily allergy it makes me feel wrong, empty, useless, unmotivated.

Good old Red Sudafed is my friend, my half-dose help at a lighter sinus congestion.

Spring is ugly.

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