The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers – Complete Recordings.

In 2016 I wrote about getting Return of the King in 2013 and how difficult it was to look and finally find it for $51. I looked before that ad nauseum and after for all the sets, and implored “them” to do something. 

Times being rather more tough for us lately, this year I hadn’t looked at it really, maybe in January, February … but not since, until this past Friday.

I went to Amazon and searched, and what to my wondering eyes appeared, Rhino released all three over time since this past April, not as before, but better, the DVA was now a Blu-ray. 

I love The Two Towers film, so I got that one, immediately found space for it on a card and it arrived on Sunday afternoon. I’ve asked my hubby to get me the other two for Christmas.

Not just are these editions for sale at decent pricing, they are on streaming services too (only Return of the King has been on services before this.) There is also a limited pressing of vinyl editions. I’d love those, but they are very pricey, nearly $300 for all three on vinyl. Indeed, I couldn’t see paying that much or more for just one set in the first releases, as they have been available through third-party sellers only.

So the CD special sets from The Hobbit, they were only $25 and never out of stock. They weren’t “complete recordings” … just LoTR could get away with double pricing for just a bit more content in a box.

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