The One Thing: Chilis

Not eating potatoes or tomatoes or pepper anything except for black pepper these last few months, then a bit of mashed potatoes in one meal, something else with “some” tomato in it. Not much stuff, I don’t know except for this:

I am just as clogged up feeding day in and out and actually I liked the pepper idea, hot chili varieties, in say a sauce to go around ramen noodles or over rice for lunch, I had that at my disposal after quitting using Sudafed and Advil . But then I went further and eventually quit nightshades. 

I actually like not eating tomatoes so much. But I can’t eat things that are made with it if avoiding nightshades, and without ketchup or spaghetti sauce nothing is the same.

White Lasagna, really good, but by the end of one piece, my usual lasagna serving, I was in a desert and miserable wanting my red lasagna back.

Uncured Hot Dog one day, oh, no ketchup to go on it, sigh. I put a slice of cheddar cheese around it. It wasn’t even a bit pleasant. Every memory of Hot Dogs cooked involves ketchup (memories of eating cold hot dogs straight from the package when I was very, very young.)

Mostly food is a non-starter for me. Only a few savory wonderful things I can make, and can ‘t make them every day.

So yesterday I had the things on-hand to make Crock Pot Pepper Steak. Dumpster diving – Tomatoes and Sweet Peppers. 

It smelled wonderful through the day. This is one of my favorite dishes. First bite, so tangy, so ACIDIC!

Oh … Since backing away from tomatoes I can’t not be smashed in the face with their acidic attitude.

There was one day in the past couple of months I tried to eat spaghetti, but it was monstrously acidic, like a pool of poison on my plate. Mind over matter, no, no, didn’t work. Also the point is true, yes, tomatoes are acidic. Limit that kind of thing in your food, then try it, it’s more than noticeable. 

Like money. Learn what real money is, then fake money is easy to spot. 

OK that doesn’t work for everyone. Well, it does. Just use perspective to see the point as I mean it. 

I come down to my thought about missing what the most. Yes, chili flavours, chili sauces and additives and spices …. ah I miss them and if they are bad, are they as bad as having a tsp. spread over something in something, that I only get part of … compared to massive amounts of tomatoes, well, this is where the rubber meets the road.

If it does something bad to me, I’ll notice (I hope). I’ll start using ancho, and other chili spices, tabasco sauce where I want. It’ll help with my tending to be clogged up.

Oh yes, take chili’s in my food, or take Sudafed. Well, I know what I’d prefer. Minimal tomato use, just for flavor on top of meatloaf, for instance, I’ll dive for this, but avoid spaghetti sauce and lasagna, and figure out how to make pepper steak good with less/no tomato.

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