Who knows if it was a virus. Maybe it was, it lasted over 8 days, acute misery at first controllable, then days into it turned to constant pain until after day 8, something resolved less pain, next day none. Yeah!

My right sinus was just enflamed and in misery. I felt less energetic but can’t say I was “sick” but felt like I probably was. That last two days of feeling it, I finally put my vaporizer on in my bedroom, and that’s when things started to get better. FWIW

I just feel like this stuff has happened to me more since the maybe “covid” of Dec/Jan we had. My sinuses are so very ultra sensitive now. Allergies are a trial enough.

I have ascorbic acid to take now, so beefing up that Vit. C. from here on out. Along with my Allergy Homeopathic remedy I hope I can get through late Summer into Autumn with less misery.

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