I take more supplements now than I ever willingly would have at any point in the past.

I’m taking my homeopathic allergy pills every day a few times a day. Thanks to God for those. Always need them to breath better. Burning eyes, sneezing etc. all reduced using this.

Most all of this should be taken with food. It helps to absorb them better and less to no aftertaste when that is accomplished.

Astaxanthin – one a day – fishy aftertaste if not taken with some fatty foods

Maca – 2×2 per day – reminicent of plain chocolate, not bad at all if noticeable

Ashwagandha – 1 per day (sometimes 2 per day) – I know this stuff doesn’t smell or taste very good, but as for aftertaste, I haven’t noticed any.

Ascorbic Acid (Vit. C) – 1 per day

Also on days when I feel it, sea salt … 1 or 2 with a lot of water.

Astastanthin is a gel pill, the rest I capsule up from powdered items.

The Maca I use is gelatinized, fwiw.

—When did I start the Maca? After June … I don’t know. Thing is it helps tremendously to give me more well being energy.

Astaxanthin on it’s own at 2 weeks of taking daily was helping and I have more oomph to get through and recover from activity now.

I still have issues:

I need a lot of sleep. I still get migraines. More stress equals more migraines. More stress equals more anxiety. More anxiety equals more migraines. More of all of it equals less good sleep. Round the circle it all goes.

When I have a migraine my strength is nil.

I know I have been taking ashwaganah for a week or so now. Maca longer, ah is on my bag with Maca capsules, Jul 17, 2021.

I hope by Christmas I still have a husband and more energy and less stress and less migraines and more sleep.

Don’t even think about what happens when a girl gets older. It’s not a good time for me right now and all I want to do is exist.

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