ego type socionics type role oldham type
ESFp – SEESensory-Ethical Extravert The Politician Mercurial
INTp – ILIIntuitive-Logical IntrovertThe CriticSolitary
INTp – ILIIntuitive-Logical Introvert The Critic Solitary
INFp – IEIIntuitive-Ethical IntrovertThe LyricistDramatic
ESTp – SLESensory-Logical ExtravertThe LegionnaireSelf-Confident
ENTp – ILEIntuitive-Logical ExtravertThe SearcherInventive

I find socionics very useful in determining how to relate to people. For my family it’s utmost import to make sense of. In 2006 I found socionics online, I have always been interested in personality typing. Socionics may not be a perfect system, but what actually is? It makes my looking at people from an ILI perspective, oh so much better.

My youngest son has been difficult, from day 1. A recent discussion with him had be questioning whether he was ESFp … so I found some online tests.

One put him as ESTj … it was a lot of question and he didn’t answer all of them and so I did seek out a simple 2 choices for each section, four sections I/E S/N F/T J/P —-> this he easily did and it gave him the ENTp type. So between that and the prior typing result look at profiles for each and a few other types as well. Which one seems best to you.

This will be an important subject with him, to get him working towards personal development. ENTp is crazy … being that sort of person makes sense from Socionics Quadras too. Father and Mother and one brother are GAMMA. Sister and the other brother are BETA. ENTp puts him in ALPHA. The Monkey Wrench to us!

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